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8/23/2014 Bondage_Scenes_2_with_Vika_clip_07 - Vika has been bound chinese style for her introduction to the English nobleman. As to be expected, he was a perfect gentleman and leaves her in the bondage in which she was delivered to him. If you want to see a beautiful blonde, topless with lovely breasts, with her wrists wrenched up to the small of her back, pulling her breasts and her shoulders strictly back, don't miss this cute clip! For the whole story, watch Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika! 1
8/23/2014 Kylie_the_Prisoner_3_02 - Stacked prisoner Kylie K remains in her transport restraints on the couch. She is now determined that her Marshall will set her free. He gives her fair warning that the handcuffs may be preferable to any alternative binding that she may experience, but like many female prisoners, she is insistent. Don't miss the full story of Kylie's imprisonment in "The Prisoner 3"! 1
8/23/2014 archw8 - "Elbows together" theme - Jessica in her floor-length prom gown, wearing opera gloves, strictly tied with her wrists and elbows behind her back. Kellie Krave though when she donned the Bebe blouse that she was going to be in some business portrait image, but now she is wrenched back in a tight shoulder harness, and, you guess it, elbows tie together!. As for Lana - it didn't take long for me to find out that she would just as soon have her elbows tightly bound together behind her back as not. You see the strict results here. 15
8/20/2014 courtney_bondage_appointment_06 - when visiting a gentleman with a penchant for Bondage, Courtney finds herself collared, leg-ironed, handcuffed and tied up in a tight shoulder harness! - See all of Courtney's "Bondage Appointment!" 1
8/20/2014 archw8 - from shoe-store waitress to bondage model - one of my most flexible models, Lana, just how tightly someone can be tied! 10
8/17/2014 Woman in black lace dress, handcuffed Kylie_the_Prisoner_3_01 - the first of the "The Prisoner #3" series.  
8/16/2014   Service note: We will be moving to a new server shortly. I hope this occurs with a minimum of fuss, but the move is risky. I think we can expect some interruption of service, but I hope to reward you with a great range of service and content. If you come here and things look different, please read and persist on. I the sites doesn't seem to work, please come back in a few hours! Thanks for your patience, Felix  
8/15/2014 archw8 - Danielle, and Lana - some experimental photo processing techniques with Lana - 20
8/11/2014 bbvi21 - tight elbows-together from "She-Spy", and Jessica from "Bondage Letters" 3
8/11/2014 anonymous bondage witness clip 15.mp4 - Looking just like a peach, Vika wears a sexy blue polyester blouse as she is locked up in cuffs, and throat roped for her last trip down to the Anonymous Bondage Witness jury hearing! 1
8/11/2014 archw8 - more of Kylie in bondage and also Randi Moore! 8
7/30/2014 Hotel Bondage Photo Shoot - somehow I lost track of the downloadable video for this "DVD07". I recovered the captured DV files, and re-exported the story in modern MP4 720 x 480. This has always been a popular story, possibly because Princess in not a "model type" and she was actually very excited in her bondage. This dates from 2001 and a personally poignant matter for me was that I shipped this on videotape(!) on 911 - the scene in the US Post Office was tense to say the least! 1
7/30/2014 Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika clip 05 - Vika is used to handcuffs - she is almost always under some sort of restraint, but being tied-up is so much more personal, both more humiliating and more sexy! - see it all in Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika! 1
7/30/2014 archw8 - it's hard to believe that Kylie would think that this outfit, a sexy high-school-girl outfit would be appropriate for a grown woman., especially with her elbows tied tightly band her back! - See more in the new video "The Prisoner 3" 10
7/27/2014 New MP4 HD video product: "The Prisoner 3". This is a delightful new 1 1/2 hour video in HD with the darling Kylie K. freshly sentenced to 3 years of women's prison, and having been turned over to Marshall for transport. Kylie is concerned that her black dress was too slutty and that's why she was so harshly sentenced, so she asks Marshall if she can try on some other outfits for a better result at her hearing to determine the level of her security when she arrives at the prison. She quickly finds that she is kept in secure handcuffs (pictured at left) and other bonds, but soon she's able to turn the tables! There's been a lot of talk about the new model Kylie K, and now you have the chance to see just why she is so special in the MP4 download!  
7/27/2014 the prisoner 3 preview file.mp4 - It's important for a female prisoner to NEVER ask for their handcuffs to be taken off. This is how Kylie K ended up gagged and hogtied on the floor! From the new video: "The Prisoner 3" 1
7/27/2014 bondage scenes 2 with vika preview.mp4 - Vika muses about the man she just met, an English upperclassman with extreme refined manners, and a brilliant education. This bondage introduction service that she is involved with might just be the thing to find true love! Don't miss the other ideas in "Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika" 1
7/27/2014 archw8 - It's often a shock for a young woman, particularly and illegal debtor to find herself handcuffed and told to face a blank wall, but this is part and parcel of the punishment she will endure. After all, since she has shown herself financially irresponsible, her freedom is now forfeit. 10&
7/22/2014 Bondage_Scenes_2_with_Vika_clip_04 - Vika has been collared in steel, wrists bound, and ankles roped. International travel is always a bitch, Vika is to be transported in a modular flattening cage, roped, ball-gagged and hooded. Find out more in "Bondage Scenes with Vika 2" 1
7/22/2014 archw8 - some bondage models are shocked at the treatment which they have been accorded. One such instance is Drew, who is suffering in a throat-to-ceiling tie. 10
7/18/2014 archw8 - More of Kylie K. locked in imprisonment bondage - also the beginning of a series of Drew. 10
7/16/2014 kobe_cali_clips_11 - Kobe and Kyle decide to both try plastic bondage at the same time. It's precious to see the beautiful young ladies playfully experimenting with plastic bondage! Don't miss them in Kobe and Kylie in Plastic Bondage! 1
7/16/2014 archw8 - Two strictly dressed women in lockdown bondage - Danielle Trixie and Kylie K. Both of these young ladies have lost their freedom due to their careless ways. After a period of incarceration and training, they both will the auctioned as slaves to a middle-east country. 10
7/14/2014 Bondage_Scenes_2_with_Vika_clip_03 - instead of handcuffs, sometimes women who are in contractual bondage are tightly tied. It can be frustrating for an enthusiastic young female, on seeing that rather than being chained at her ankles has only a thin, but strong rope, keeping her ankles on further than a few inches apart. Also, the strict binding an cinching of her wrists - all has its psychological as well as psychological impact. See all of these scenes in lovely HD - Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika 1
7/14/2014 archw8 - like many women before her, Danielle finds herself tied, gagged and chained in Incarceration Station. 9
7/14/2014 3 videos for bbvi21 including Sherry as she struggles against the straps that bind her.  
7/9/2014 courtney_bondage_appointment_05 - it's hard to beat a woman bound in a pink bikini with a huge red ball-gag strapped behind her teeth! - Don't miss Courtney in the downloadable video: Bondage Appointment! 1
7/8/2014 archw8 - Danielle Trixie and Kylie K. in bondage! 10
7/4/2014 2 files - dungeon_girls_5_16 - kobe_cali_clips_10 2
7/4/2014 bbvi21 - 4 files - 3 of Jessica in Bondage Letters and 1 of Sherry 4
7/3/2014 archw8 - Kylie K - tied up with full-size ball-gag. 10
6/28/2014 courtney_bondage_appointment_10 - As a young woman of pride and intelligence, Courtney cannot remain still in her ball-gag, crotch-rope as her breasts remain free. In fact already wet from her hours of bondage, the rope digs in between her legs and she is sent into further writhings of ecstasy. See for yourself in "Bondage Appointment". - see folder view with thumbnails 1
6/28/2014 archw8 - New model: Kylie K, has just been sentenced and becomes our "The Prisoner 3" - our next upcoming HD format video. Like most young women, Kylie K. resents her bondage, but at the same time, she wishes to make a favorable impression on the judge who will decide the severity of her incarceration. Stay tuned for this sizzling video and high-quality large-form images!! 10
6/28/2014 bbvi21 - New - thumbnail view - WAY easier to browse! 3
6/26/2014 kylie_in_a_raincoat_01.mp4 1
6/25/2014 archw8 - large-format images - 10
6/25/2014 Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika clip 02 - how many women have knelt with their wrists handcuffed behind them to be hobbled in ankle shackles? It becomes a way of life for female prisoners who are transported back and forth to court. 1
6/19/2014 New thumbnail view New view of Video file folders include thumbnails. for instance archclips01 n/a
6/19/2014 Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika clip 01 - Vika is required to wear her collar, but she has a job Interview - from "Bondage Scenes with Vika 2" 1
6/19/2014 archw8 - bound bride Randy Moore is locked up in her bridal outfit. Images of Anna in Bondage from the Early 90's - don't miss "Slave in Bridal Bondage" starring Randy Moore. 10
6/16/2014 archw8 - it's wonderful when a severe lockdown restraint fits a woman perfectly. In this instance the shrew's fiddle was barely a centimeter too small and our beautiful prisoner Alexandra was double-humiliated by the incredible tightness of the device as well as the very limited freedom of movement it provided! All of the images and video of Alexandra are available to Members of Archives BBS Member Site. 10
6/15/2014 Vika with her wrists tied behind her back. Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika 6 - let's just call it a dating service with a difference - only an introduction is contemplated, but what an introduction this will be! Vika has on a tasteful brown pencil-skirt, but she is topless as her wrists are tied up to the middle of her back. If the meeting went well, she would receive an invitation for international travel. See what else is in store for Vika in "Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika." 1
6/12/2014 anonymous bondage witness_clip 14 - Forced to wear the crinoline lined punishment gown, Vika has been additionally ball-gagged and head-bagged. She will learn from her punishment to be more compliant in her role as an Anonymous Bound Witness. 1
6/12/2014   dungeon_girls_5_15 - Previews from other videos. 1
6/12/2014 archw8 - From the video "Slave Coffle" - Elaine and Danielle and totally nude and bound, and of course, Danielle is additionally ball-gagged and leg-ironed. Of course Elaine is tightly tied up, but because she has been a captive for so long, for the gag is not required, at this time. 10
6/7/2014 remand_custody_09.pdf - from the felix10 folder - Conjugal visitation often heaps more humiliation on female remand prisoners - but it does improve behavior overall for the locked-down women. 1
6/6/2014 courtney_bondage_appointment_04 - I would imagine there is an intake of breath when a young woman learns that her elbows can be very closely bound together. Such a trade-off her her: she can excite men, but the price to her is total restriction plus perhaps some pain. Courtney just shouldn't be missed in "Bondage Appointment"! 1
6/6/2014 archw8 - On a crisp Houston December day, I had the pleasure of shooting Miss Kobe Lee in bondage - well you know that resulted in wonderful shootings over after that time - here Kobe is bound topless and ball-gagged. An additional crotch-rope restriction is imposed for security. 10
5/31/2014 anonymous bondage witness clip 13 - This is the bridal bondage scene of Viva in the video "Anonymous Bondage Witness". 1
5/31/2014 archw8 - Images of Vika and Kobe in bondage - large form photographs 10


5/26/2014 courtney_bondage_appnt_03.mp4 1
5/26/2014 Announcement regarding "hard copy" products. Physical DVD's and CD's will no longer be supported after 6/30/2014  
5/26/2014 bbvi21 - Video of Raquel from "She-Spy". 3
5/26/2014 archw8 - Vika strapping on her high heels, images of Mina 10
5/21/2014 kobe_cali_clips_09 - from the video Kobe Lee and Cali Logan in Plastic Bondage - Cali had a right to be nervous - she was topless with her wrists tied behind her back. She was sacked in plastic, and here was Kobe, with a rope looped and ready to be put around Cali's throat! Don't miss these exciting adventures! 1
5/21/2014 archw8 - Images of Vika and Mina 10
5/17/2014 courtney_bondage_appointment_12 - If you saw her on the street, you would say "Oh My God!" She is a tall distinguished blonde, always impeccable dressed, aloof, but friendly - with a stunning figure and a darling face, with a cute upturned nose and blue eyes. But get her into a bondage shooting, get her broken to her full-size 1/2 ball, keep her locked in handcuffs so she becomes resigned to her captivity, and test the limits of her elbows and you have opportunity for a stunning image like this at the near end of a bondage shooting. See Courtney topless and tightly bound + Courtney escorted as a handcuffed topless prisoner in a clear plastic raincoat. Don't deprive yourself of 1 full hour of Courtney in bondage and obtain "Bondage Appointment". 1
5/17/2014 bbvi21 -Sherry gives it all she has, struggling in her black leather strap bondage! 1
5/17/2014 archw8 - Prisoners are often dressed in bridal gear for transport through crowded spaces. Many people will assume that the bride is simply a victim of a pre-wedding prank. In this case, however there is no prank She knows that she is to be spider-gagged and her wrists are already handcuffed behind her back and she is fitted with a cowhide transport belt. She is breathless from excitement of her bondage and the unknown. Don't miss "The Prisoner 2" - available in multiple formats and easy download MP3. 10
5/17/2014 Uploads_redux_2 - 101 of the coolest files from the past! 101
5/11/2014 anonymous bondage witness clip 11 - punishment can come in many forms - for Vika it comes in the form of a scratch Bridal gown, handcuffs and a tight ball strapped into her mouth! 1
5/11/2014 archw8 - sometimes compromising situations might arise when the transport of attractive female prisoners occurs. Foolish would be the escort indeed who would allow a transported woman to be freed of her restraints even for a few moments. A skillful escorts who can appreciate the use of a throat rope, a pair of handcuffs and irons will be able to keep her secured as she changes from her street clothes to the nylon negligee that she will wear that night during her evening lockdown. 10
5/8/2014 courtney_bondage_appointment_02 - these were back in the days of the Martin Stocks - which I foolishly gave back to Martin rather than negotiating to purchase it. Courtney looked great in it in her party dress and opera gloves. It had such a feel of lockdown permanence. Check out the bondage of Courtney in "Bondage Appointment". 1
5/7/2014 archw8 - Olivia in tight bondage, complete with crotch-ropes and ball-gag. 10
5/3/2014 dungeon_girls_5_14.mp4 - MissPlaced finds herself bound with rope in Dungeon Girls 5. 1
5/3/2014 bbvi21 - Jessica in Bondage Letters. Sheer Blouse, jeans, heels, and machined aluminum shrew's fiddle. 3
5/3/2014 archw8 - Olivia in tight bondage - from the video production of Olivia's Weekend in Bondage. 10
5/3/2014 True UseNET - abpeb abpeb_curr 296
4/29/2014 True UseNET - abpeb abpeb_curr 38
4/29/2014 anonymous_bondage_witness_clip_10 - Vika is required to don punishment attire due to her disobedience. From Anonymous Bondage Witness. 1
4/29/2014 archw8 - she was embarrassed to be locked in handcuffs in the courtroom - her parents and her boyfriend were there. But, after 3 days in jail the humiliation of being chained in public was overshadowed by the prospect of being released! 10
4/23/2014 courtney_bondage_appointment_09 - A day of sunbathing and flirting with boys at the pool turned out to be an afternoon inside struggling in chains. And if that weren't enough soon she was fully cocooned in Saran Wrap! Courtney stars as a woman in bondage in "Bondage Appointment". 1
4/23/2014 archw8 - more images of Lindsay tightly trussed from "Dungeon Girls 2" - plus special photo of chained woman having lunch during prisoner transport a a roadside hamburger joint. 11
4/18/2014 courtney_bondage_appointment_01 - new bondage series on www.archbbsdl.com - Courtney is a willing participant in an arrangement that is document in the video "Bondage Appointment". This is the first of 13 video clips you will be treated to as a member of Archives BBS Member Site! 1
4/18/2014 archw8 - A few of Vika and the beginning of series of Lindsay - Lindsay was our star in the "Dungeon Girls 2" video. She put up quite a tussle that Gerard was required to deal with! 10
4/14/2014 New HD MP4 Product: Bondage Scenes with Vika 2 1
4/14/2014 anonymous bondage witness clip 08.mp4 - wearing a sexy black shiny blouse, Vika is handcuffed behind her back with ropes to anchor her hands to the small of her back. She knew that when she signed up for the anonymous witness program, she would be taken into custody and restrained. 1
4/14/2014 archw8 - Images of Elise in Bondage and also Vika in images from the new video program: Bondage Scenes with Vika 2 - In these images Vika is tied up topless wearing a tight pencil skirt with her wrists tied high up being her back Chinese style with kid leather opera gloves. 10
4/12/2014 bbvi21 - Jessica in Bondage Letters. Sheer Blouse, jeans, heels, and machined aluminum shrew's fiddle.. 4
4/12/2014 True UseNET - abpeb abpeb_curr  
4/3/2014 anonymous bondage witness 07 - fitted with a lower-face mask, Vika is set up in a punishment configuration - with her wrists handcuffed behind her back, and tied tightly to her slim waist. She is commanded to keep her knees at least 1 foot apart and is photographed in her bondage - from the video "Anonymous Bondage Witness", in sharp and clear HD. 1
4/3/2014 archw8 - Elise didn't expect to be arm bound and crotch-strapped at the glamor shoot that she volunteered for, but here she was - leather criss-crossing her shoulders, and the ring at the bottom of her armbinder tied up against her sex. Don't miss Elise in "Sent for Bondage" - this scene from the extra footage! 10
3/29/2014 slave_coffle_12 - things have taken a turn for the worse for Elaine and for Marshall. Danielle has escaped, and is calling the paddy-wagon to take Elaine and Marshall to jail in their restraints. Elaine will be required to do her 120 days behind bars in handcuffs and Marshall has to do Danielle's time locked behind bars in bondage in chains as well. All of the women that Marshall has consigned to bondage will get a chance to see him as a Dungeon Girl Prisoner! See Slave Coffle for the full story. To see Elaine suffer in her handcuffs watch "Dungeon Girls 3", and to watch Danielle Trixie in "2 Brides in Bondage" for good-hearted bondage fun!
3/29/2014 archw8 - Dana dressed in what amounts to a punishment blouse, handcuffed behind her back, with a collar locked, and rope from behind the collar pulling her handcuffs up behind to the small of her back 10
3/28/2014 bbvi10 - 212 Bondage Video Files - bound women include Rosamunde, Erica, Princess, Jessica, Tess 212
3/23/2014 felix10 folder - Department of Corrections Lecture Program - Episode 2 - Ivy League rebel Miss Golemon is debating whether to take the job as moot prisoner in the Department of Correction Lecture Program. An illustrated Bondage PDF with text by Felix Dartmouth. Don't miss Kellie Krave in "Handcuffed into Bondage 1", Handcuffed into Bondage 2" and "Bondage Safehouse". 1
3/23/2014 kobe_cali_clips_08 - Kobe's new boyfriend is into bagging, and so Cali agrees to show her what its like! After all, if she is going to get in a relationship with this guy, she wilt need to know what she's in for! From "Kobe Lee and Cali Logan in Plastic Bondage". 1
3/23/2014 archw8 - Sasha thought it would be just handcuffs in front, or something like that. He seemed nice enough, kind of dweeby in fact, but as the leather began to strap her arms behind her back, her breasts spilled out of the skimpy French-Maid outfit that he had asked her to wear, her collar was bucked and locked on, and her ball-gag sank deep behind her teeth, she began to have a fear that he was after more than an afternoon playing around. She realized that she had been captured, and that her freedom had been forfeit! The footage of Sasha in bondage can be found on the "Witness Protection in Bondage" program. 10
3/18/2014 slave_coffle_11 - Weary of dealing with these 2 troublesome prisoners, Marshal decides to put them to bed. Dressing them in plastic, and tying their wrists behind them, he elects to to take off Danielle's gloves. He also fails to put them in their hogties and their leather hoods. This leads to repercussions that he comes to regret! - From the video "Slave Coffle". 1
3/18/2014 archw8 - great pix for "Into Custody 4" - a video exclusive to Archives BBS Members. 10
3/13/2014 anonymous_bondage_witness_05 - The restrictions begin to get tighter after Vika's entrance into the "Anonymous Bondage Witness" 1
3/13/2014 archw8 - images of Angela Orlando and Danielle Trixie in bondage. 10
3/10/2014   3 bbvi files: Jessica & Raquel 3
3/8/2014 anonymous_bondage_witness_04 - Extra restraints had to be placed on Vika because she was able to easily get her handcuffs under her butt and in front of her. As a result she has earned the punishment that her handcuffs have to be tied with a rope around her waist. Don't miss "Anonymous Bondage Witness". 1
3/8/2014 archw8 - bondage images of Jillian and Angela Orlando 10
3/4/2014 slave_coffle_10 - the girls are clothed in plastic and their wrists are tied behind their backs and taken up for a rest period in the bedroom. In putting them down for a nap, Marshall is hoping to get a bit of a rest period himself. But, things don't turn out the way he planned! - See it all in the video Slave Coffle! 1
3/4/2014 archw8 - This saucy society girl never though she would be punished for her over-spending, but here she is, now topless, collared, and handcuffed as a debtor prisoner to be sold in satisfaction of her debts. Refer to the video page "Captured Female in Debtor Bondage" for the detail on her arrest and disposition. 10
2/27/2014 bbvi21 - Brilliantly seductive clip with Chesty - during a makeup break, fitted with a ball-gag and handcuffs locked on one wrist, wearing a plastic poncho to prevent makeup she proposes a break where she will be given a "back-rub, a head rub, maybe a full-body rub"! 1
2/27/2014 anonymous_bondage_witness_02 - Vika listened as the proposal was laid out: She was to testify against her former associates, but she must be bound and caged in order to be protected as well as to assure that she was available for the next several weeks of testimony. Would she do it? Would she allow herself to be immediately placed in the restraints? Find out by watching "Anonymous Bondage Witness"! 1
2/26/2014 archw8 - Businesswomen are subject to arrest in many cases. Here is an example of a young woman led from her offices wearing a polyester blouse and a leather skirt, her wrists handcuffed behind her back. A few of the young men in the office managed to get a few quick captures of her being taken into custody. There is also a review by Greyman of Archives BBS. 10
2/22/2014 dungeon_girls_5_13 - After MissPlaced receives a visitor, she is taken into the back, and released from her visitation chains. She is positioned on the punishment bench and receives swats from Gerard for taking her seat-belt off during the road-trip. For a bondage extravaganza treat, order "Dungeon Girls 5". 1
2/22/2014 Kobe Lee bagged in plastic kobe_cali_clips_07 - Kobe is wide-eyed as Cali places the bag over her face and ropes her throat suffocating her! From the Video Kobe Lee and Cali Logan in Plastic Bondage. 1
2/22/2014 archw8 - rare images of Samantha, Chesty, and Courtney. 10
2/18/2014 anonymous bondage witness clip 12 - as she recites her vows years from now, we wonder if Vika will remember her tight captivity in this tight, constricting gown? See the entire video "Anonymous Bondage Witness" to see the full extent of her captivity! 1
2/18/2014 Capture the Flag - Part 3 - in felix10 1
2/15/2014 archw8 - a model does not often expect a huge red ball-gag, but once it's settled in and strapped behind her teeth, she realizes that she has been strapped for the afternoon. With her wrists and elbows strapped behind her back and the burning feeling in her lower abdomen, she enters sub-space, and knows that she will be held in bondage under the photo shoot is over. This is from "Bondage Appointment" and our cute models Chelsea. 10
2/13/2014 Two classic clips of Jessica bbvi21 - two clips of Jessica from Bondage Apartment - look for clips dated 2/13/2014 2
2/13/2014 anonymous bondage witness clip 01 - not many young women are willing to enter the Anonymous Witness program, and be kept in bondage during their testimony, but the program requires this in order to secure valuable testimony and to give those who testify the assurance that they will not suffer reprisal. After a discussion with a Marshall, Vika willing is locked into her handcuffs for the duration of her testimony. - Anonymous Bondage Witness 1
2/13/2014 archw8 - Still chained at her throat, leg ironed, and handcuffed, Danielle comes into the air-conditioning after her sweaty, humiliating walk in slave Coffle. Her bare legs had been mercilessly feasted on my fierce Houston mosquito. Female prisoners of the Dungeon Girls series , consigned as prisoners, are rigorously trained in bondage during their captivity. Don't miss Danielle Trixie and Elaine in Bondage Coffle! 10
2/10/2014 slave_coffle_09.mp4 - losing a Dungeon Girls contest means a stiff term in bondage prison at Archives BBS. Danielle just reported to her service, having 120 days to go. Here she and Elaine are bound nude for standing at attention in bondage and high heels. No Dungeon Girls contestant who looses is allowed to touch herself and boyfriends are only allowed access through a thick plate glass. You will not want to miss the full version on Bondage Coffle with Elaine and Danielle Trixie. 1
2/10/2014 archw8 - elegant, beautiful, resentful, pouty, greedy, un-co-operative, trapped by her desire for money. Taking offers of bondage modeling seemed to be her only recourse. Jessica started modeling prom gowns in handcuffs, but eventually, she was sentenced to a 5-year term in the notorious Prison4Women. Before she was locked into prison, she starred in "The Prisoner" and "Bondage Letters". Enjoy the plight of young beauty as she descends into total bondage! 10
2/5/2014 anonymous bondage witness clip 06 - now that Vika is committed, and has been locked up in her handcuffs, Marshall questions her to make sure that her identity is not revealed to the Grand Jury. From the program "Anonymous Bondage Witness". 1
2/5/2014 archw8 - Jessica makes a comeback! New images never-before-seen of the absolutely lovely (and strictly tied) young lady. And, these images of processed with modern software for size and detail. Stay tuned for more! 10
2/5/2014 Uploads_redux_2 - fakes, obscure from the past, guest artists, etc. 75
2/2/2014 br7 - The archaic "br" series - "R-rated". 122
2/2/2014 bg7 - The archaic "bg" series - "G-rated". 75
2/1/2014 slave_coffle_08 - in this great scene, the female prisoners are stripped totally nude after their walk of shame in their chains. They are bound at the wrists and elbows, and Danielle is ball-gagged. They are required to stand totally nude at attention as a training procedure and also as punishment. For their next Dungeon Girls contest they will have to try harder. Don't miss the punishment and discipline of Elaine and Danielle Trixie in the great bondage video "Slave Coffle". 1
2/1/2014 archw8 - Some of the athletic young women of the University find that they have been required to accept extraordinary measures of leather strap restraint. Such is the case here with Sara. She is not permitted into the social gathering without first visiting the tack shop and being fitted with a leather shoulder and wrist harness. Although she was also fitted with a bridle, she was permitted to enter the party without it, so that she could converse with some of the sponsors of the Southwest Pony-Girl league. Also bondage images of Vika bound in her bridal gown and ball-gagged. 10
1/31/2014   bbvi21 - Pretty Jessica in lockdown 4
1/27/2014 anonymous_bondage_witness_clip_09 - with her long, strong arms, and her shapely female butt, when Vika is in handcuffs, she must have added a rope that tightly cinches her waist and pulls her manacles up the to small of her back. Her restraint and captivity is on full display in "Anonymous Bondage Witness". 1
1/27/2014 archw8 - Vika in tight bondage, pursuant to her Anonymous Bondage Witness captivity - Rare photos of Sara - tightly tied on a hot August day in Houston in 1981. 10
1/23/2014 transport_bondage_training_15 - Bondage training is not all fun and games. Each trainee must spend hour in the exact same bondage that they will be using on their transportees. Here, Elaine is in preparation to transport her former high-school nemesis. She is locked up on a very secure position: Her throat is tethered 3 inches from an eye bolt screwed deep into a 2x4, she is handcuffed behind her back to a secure cowhide transport belt. She is also gagged and blindfolded to further increase her security and her torment. See the details and her reaction in the program "Transport Bondage Training". 1
1/23/2014 archw8 - Kellie Krave had hours to wait until the transport carrier arrived, She would wait as the prisoner that she was, however, in full transport bondage: her wrists were handcuffed, her leg-irons were affixed. There was no question that she was "Handcuffed into Bondage" - there are 2 episodes to this great bondage program - don't miss either Handcuffed into Bondage 1 or Handcuffed into Bondage 2! 10
1/18/2014 archw8 - Often, when a model (such as Olivia here, who can be seen bound in "Olivia's Bondage Weekend")) is topless in a studio, she will instinctively cover her breasts. It's up to the photographer to tie her wrists behind her back with tight, thin cord. The model will feel less self-conscious when the ball-gag is strapped between her teeth and padlocked around the nape of her neck. As you approach with her ball, she will bend down and open wide to receive it. 1
11/18/2014 sherry_tape_4_003.wmv - Sherry never gives up her struggles in bondage. 1
11/18/2014 bg8 - Prior to the archw* series of images, there were three main series: the bb* series, which was for bondage, the br* series which were "R" rated, and the bg* series, which were "G" rated. I abandoned this distinction when I moved to the 1600 pixel tall arch* series. This is an image of Gwen, and model from the late 1990's. 97
11/18/2014 br8 - This image of Chelsea, from the year 2000, is an example of what a rare beauty she is! She was usually tied or handcuffed during this shooting, be I did release her for just a few moments tying her wrists behind her back . 126
11/16/2014 slave_coffle_07.mp4 - After their coffle march of shame, both girls are nude and tightly bound with rope. They must stand at attention, or be sharply caned! As additional punish Danielle is gagged. From Slave Coffle bondage program from Archives BBS. 1
11/16/2014 archw8 - most women are reluctant to admit to themselves that they have been captured and are now owned women. Olivia and Jillian may not want to admit it, but no matter. Their bonds remain locked and their freedom of movement severely restricted. 10
11/11/2014   sherry_tape_4_002.wmv - bbvi21 1
11/11/2014 slave_coffle_06.mp4 - Danielle, additionally punished by having to wear irons, struggles to stumble along and keep up with Elaine. These 2 women are experiencing "The Coffle" - a historical technique for the transport of women. Don't miss "Slave Coffle!" 1
11/11/2014   kobe_cali_clips_06 - (Assoc Video) 1
11/11/2014 archw8 - Sherry and Jillian - What is it a woman thinks, at that part in her life where she has accepted that she will give up her body to a man to be bound? At what point will she accept the gag or the bridle lodged behind her teeth? 10
1/4/2014 dungeon_girls_5_12 - Constrained in her chains, handcuffs, leg-irons, and a connector chain, MissPlaced is allowed a visit from her boyfriend. He is less than confident that she will be able to escape, and that she will have to spend the next 90 days jailed in bondage as a penalty for failing to escape. The prisoner begins to get upset at his attitude. The couple tries to hug, but they are prevented from doing so by Gerard. This fun full video is available at the "Dungeon Girls 5" marketing page! Don't miss MissPlaced in her chains, facing 90 days as a bondage prisoner 1
1/4/2014 archw8 - Josephine and Sherry - bondage images 10
1/3/2014 anonymous_bondage_witness_clip_03 - Quickly agreeing to the terms of her appearing before the Grand Jury as an anonymous witness, Vika is locked up in her handcuffs. Don't miss the full video of "Anonymous Bondage Witness!" - It's in HD! 1
12/29/2013 story aej6a.pdf felix10 - beginning to correct bad formatting in files from the felix2 folder. 1
12/29/2013 bb23 - 216 Great images from an early Archives BBS folder - images ending in the date 9/1/1999 - Includes Diana, Sherry, Mina, Sue-Anne. 216
12/28/2013 transport_bondage_training_14 - Good prisoner transport practice recommends that the prisoner should be kept from using their senses as much as possible. Elaine has already stated her intent of keeping her prisoner locked down, ball-gagged as well as blindfolded, but just to make sure she has learned her lesson Marshall removes her visual abilities as well as her abilities to speak. I think we can be confident that after this, Elaine will be able to transport any prisoner, including a burly male! Don't miss the whole story by purchasing "Transport Bondage Training!"
12/28/2013 archw8 - Images of Vika from "Anonymous Bondage Witness" and Elaine from Dungeon Girls 3. 10
12/22/2013 slave_coffle_05.mp4 - This is the main "bondage coffle" scene. Both prisoners are locked up in outrageous outfits in handcuffs behind their backs. They are wearing locking collars, and a chain is locked from the throat of one to another. As additional punishment, and to slow them both down, Danielle Trixie is sporting leg irons. I think they both sense that this is the way female captives have been transported for thousands of years. Don't miss the fun of "Slave Coffle" with Elaine and Danielle Trixie. This clip and many others are also available to subscribers of "Archives BBS Member Site"  
12/22/2013 archw8 - Jenni and Viki in bondage - the Viki footage is from the video Anonymous Bondage Witness - 10
12/22/2013   archw7 - Kobe Lee and Cali Logan in plastic bondage - from the video "Kobe Lee and Cali Logan in Plastic Bondage" (HD) 9
12/21/2013 marr11 - 163 cool Mark Marr files - includes Judith Wilson in great 60's outfits, gagging a blonde woman with a stout leather-strapped penis gag, who wears a vinyl French-Maid outfit. Sexy Cheryl Rothman binds and gags Judith, lots, lots more! 163
12/19/2013 dungeon_girls_5_11 - When visitors are allowed a Dungeon Girl prisoner, it goes without saying that the incarcerated female prisoner must remain in her chains and be fully clothed. They must sit on opposite sides of the table and the are not allowed to touch. Miss Placed is at first pleased to see her boyfriend, but when he begins to doubt that she can escape, and wonders if she will be incarcerated in the jail cells as a prisoner, MissPlaced beings to get steamed! Don't miss this dramatic scene by purchasing Dungeon Girls 5, or subscribing to Archives BBS Member Site!  
12/15/2013 bb37 - Files from about May of 2002 - these have been out of publication, except on the CD-ROMS since 2006. This is Courtney strictly bound with her elbows tightly tied and gloved behind her back, collared and ball-gagged. Other bondage favorites are Alexis, Drew, Jessica, Princess, etc. Enjoy these 200 photos, but for a real treat, order "Bondage Appointment" to witness Courtney put through her bondage paces. 200
12/14/2013 slave_coffle_04 - When one man is required to care for and make secure two tied females, their first tactic will be obvious; they will run away from each other so that one woman may escape and the other will remain in captivity. For the experienced slaver, the solution is simple. Each woman is to collared, with a stiff leather collar locked about her throat. The more favored of the female prisoners will have the chain locked at the back of the throat, and the less favored will be collared under her chin, and she will wear an additional impediment such as leg irons. This the 2 bound women can be lead from place to place in perfect security with an additional humiliation factor. See Elaine and her fellow female prisoner, Danielle Trixie suffer the COFFLE in "Slave Coffle". 1
12/14/2013 archw8 - the traveling model needed one more job to make the trip to Houston profitable. The photographer insisted that she be chained during the trip to downtown Houston. Dressed in the slutty style of BEBE blouses from the late 2000's she was manacled to a hard-point while being told what was expected of her. Don't miss "Captured Female Debtor in Bondage" with Jillian. 11
12/9/2013 New Video Product: "Anonymous Bondage Witness". Check out the detail of this exciting production by going to: (click here)  
12/9/2013 transport_bondage_training_13 - go ahead, lock her up! Elaine's undergoing a day of stringent bondage in order to train to take an ex-boyfriend (if you can call him that) to a maximum security prison in Denver. He will serve a 12 year stint, so he has every reason to escape. She wants to have every advantage, so she's going so see what is most restrictive for him! She's taking applications for her next transport assignment. She knows how to handle a man in bondage, so think twice! Don't miss "Transport Bondage Training" with Elaine. 1
12/9/2013 archw7 - She entered the facility a proud business-woman wearing a $350.00 blouse, and now she's locked in handcuffs, gloved and collared. Find out more of Jillian's plight by viewing "Captured Female Debtor in Bondage"
12/5/2013 slaves in coffle slave_coffle_03 - now that both of these young women are tied and Danielle is collared, the chains are taken out for them to be placed "in coffle". Since the time of the Trojan Women, this is one of the most humiliating means of transport for a young woman. She is collared, her wrists are tied behind her back, and a chain runs from the back of one woman's collar to the front of the tied woman behind her. An entire small village of women can be transported into captivity in this manner. Don't miss the full program "Slave Coffle" with Elaine and Danielle Trixie, who experience the locked humiliation of ancient times!  
12/5/2013 Kobe Lee tightly tied and gagged archw7 - Kobe from the "3 tight positions for Kobe Lee" video 10
12/1/2013 tied in an elegant nightgown transport_bondage_training_12 - she gets to keep her bra on, but she is dressed in a ridiculously feminine night-dress, harnessed in thick cow-leather and handcuffs dangling down her back. She knows the cuffs and ball-gag are going in soon! Don't miss this feature of Transport Bondage Training either as a feature download or as a subscriber to Archives BBS Member's site. 1
11/30/2013 Snow princess in tight bondage archw7 - Snow princess Vika dressed in her female executive attire, and Kobe Lee chained in bridal bondage. Kobe's footage is from the "No Parking" video, which features the elusive Allanah Rhodes. 10
11/30/2013 topless_woman_chained_gagged_in_basement p_and04 - these are only bondage photographs. No one was harmed in the making of these images. It's really true. 182
11/26/2013 the ball-gagged bride felix10 - Remand Prisoner - 8 - After dutifully delivering her ladyship Amanda to her prison custody, I meet the attractive next-door neighbor who handed me the package that was Jo's original "summons to remand". 1
11/26/2013 kobe_in_strap-on_heels_bondage bbvi21 - In this clip, Kobe Lee puts on her sexiest strap-on high heels, knowing that she is about to be leg-ironed and tightly bound in her bridal gown. Clip is in color. 1
11/26/2013 Kobe bagged by Cali Logan kobe_cali_clips_05.mp4 - Kobe is bound, ball-gagged and plastic bagged by Cali. This is from "Kobe and Cali in Plastic Bondage" 1
11/26/2013 masked beauty in bondage archw7 - Images of Vika in punishment face mask bondage from a soon-to-be-announced video program. 11
11/22/2013 Seatbelted in bondage - dungeon_girls_5_10 - I usually require women in bondage to ride in chains in the back passenger side seat. IN this case, however, at Gerard's request, Gerard request that she be very securely chained, but that she ride in the front. This is one of the most exciting bondage scenes in "Dungeon Girls 5" 10
11/22/2013 Via pantyhosed and handcuffed archw7 - Vika was required to wear pantyhose during the entirety of her first shooting. Also, she wore a very sexy fishtail and net-back dinner jacket. Soon to be in an exciting upcoming video, you will adore this lovely model in her chains. Vika's images are exclusive to Members of Archives BBS Member's Site. Join today! 1
11/17/2013 bondage - the future for Danielle slave_coffle_02 - Some of the ladies who are in Dungeon Girls are just a bit too haughty in their "extra bet". Danielle wagered for an additional $50,000 and now since her escape failed, will suffer 120 days in jailed bondage! Don't miss the full version of Slave Coffle - available from Archives BBS. 1
11/17/2013 wearing a plastic pancho - Chest fixes her makeup bbvi21 - Chesty short video- clips of Chest from the Video Bondage Payback! 1
11/17/2013 Nude, bound with a ball-gag at the ready around her throat archw7 - Not all Archives BBS models wear fabulous outfits. Oftentimes, the young woman are stripped, and bound such as is the case of Danielle, here. Danielle is our prisoner bound in the series of video-clips "Incarceration Station 4" available to all subscribers of Archives BBS. 20
11/13/2013 Road-trip in Chains dungeon_girls_5_09 - hampered in bondage, handcuffs, leg irons and a connector chain, MissPlaced struggles to enter the car before she is tightly seat-belted in for a bondage road trip! - you can seen the full video of "Dungeon Girls 5" by purchasing the entire file or by subscribing to Archives BBS Member site 1
11/13/2013 male-female bondage archw7 - Sue-Anne and Tony, Danielle Trixie, and Esperanza. 10
11/8/2013 p_and files P_and01, P_and02, P_and03 re-organized. 02 corrected, and 03 added.  
11/7/2013 chinese tie transport bondage training 11 - tied up in a sheer carhop's uniform from the 1960's - Elaine suffers a double punishment of a mature woman in a sheer girl's uniform, and a punishing tie with thin ropes. You can get the complete "Transport Bondage Training" program at this link. 1
11/7/2013 confined female archw7 - After serving as the first Dungeon Girls prisoner in Dungeon Girls 1, Esperanza was brought back for one more shooting. She is subjected to longer-term full-size ball-gag imposition, maximum security handcuffs, humiliating uniform wear with bondage and plastic wear. All the clips of this shooting are available to members to Archives BBS Members Site. 10
11/2/2013 cuffed on the couch slave_coffle_01 - The beginning of the Slave Coffle Video. Some women who participate in the dungeon girl series want to "up" their prize, but in doing so agree to a longer incarceration after the initial weekend contest. Danielle and Liz were in custody, and Danielle was just starting a 120 day bondage sentence. We take up the story here when Elaine is handcuffed, and Danielle Trixie arrives to begin her sentence in bondage. This entire episode will be made available to Member of the Archives BBS Members site. 1
11/2/2013 handcuffed into bondage archw7 - Lindsey has accepted the challenge to participate in Dungeon Girls 2. Before her husband can kiss her goodbye, she is chained and ball-gagged. When Lindsey sees how tightly she is restrained, she realized this may not be some kind of walk in the park! 10
10/30/2013 chained for transport dungeon_girls_5_08 - from Dungeon Girls 5 - It's kind of part of the deal that the Dungeon Girl prisoners are chained up and taken in transport within the neighborhood. It serves two purposes; it gives them less time to concentrate on escaping, and it allows them a distraction from their captivity. 1
10/30/2013 nude and roped archw7 - images of Jill Richardson nude and tied with rope, the Corseted Woman, and Elaine and Danielle in "Slave Coffle". 10
10/26/2013 Cali and Kobe archw7 - pix of Kobe and Cali - corrected horizontally from 1440 pixels to 1920 pixels. 10
10/26/2013 Cali kobe_cali_clips_04 - now it's Cali's turn. She struts over and get a plastic bag a a length of cord. It will be a tight cord and a headbag for Kobe! Dont' miss "Kobe Lee and Cali in Plastic Bondage" 1
10/26/2013 bound in coffle archw7 - The two girls are taken out on a walk along the trail. Both are handcuffed and chained in coffle. Danielle, the more troublesome of the two, is leg-ironed and given a posture collar. Don't miss "Slave Coffle"! 10
10/20/2013 Dungeon Girls in Bondage dungeon_girls_5_07 - After being bound with hemp rope and locked in a circular cage, Miss Placed became thoroughly demoralized! Then, Gerard has his prisoner dress up in a pretty shirt and a smart leather skirt - on go the prisoner shackles. So, what's happening next? Find by ordering Dungeon Girls 5! 1
10/20/2013 slave coffle archw7 - Alexandra, Liz and Elaine from "Slave Coffle" and new prisoner model Jill Richards 9
10/17/2013 ao_bridal_02 - An escape artist thinks that she can make quick work of simple rope bindings behind her back. However, if you dress her in a stuffy, itchy punishment bridal gown, and see how she does! Her polyester sleeves and collar drive most modern women crazy! All the Angela Orlando files are available to Members of Archives BBS Member Site. This is the last of the Angela Orlando Queen of Escapes clips. 1
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