Member Files Update for 9/28/2014

It’s kind of a Vika day – you know, where you show up for a shooting and a tall gorgeous blonde is ready to take whatever you can dish out, where the day begins with locking on an eternity collar, well, not exactly locking on, more like bolting on.  Where the only thing that can undo the stainless steel imprisoning her throat is a small Allen wrench.

Vika's new permanent collar is fitted and screwed shut
Vika’s new permanent collar is fitted and screwed shut









Filefinder page 1 for 9/28/2014 - with Vika
Filefinder page 1 for 9/28/2014 – with Vika






You may notice the outfit that Vika is wearing.  I am going to make this outfit, which consists of a Bebe Top, a pencil skirt, and heels a basic uniform of all female prisoners at Archives BBS.

There has never been a woman who has worn this outfit that was not instantly fitted into bondage cuffs, or was tied up, with her wrists behind her back.

“Up the River (Imprisoned) in Handcuffs”

Note from Felix:  This incredible bondage romp has always been one of my favorite bondage stories.  It has all the fun elements of a great bondage text, and I present it here to you in its entirety, disclaiming knowledge of origin or copyright.  This is an incredibly long story.

The following story is pure unadulterated fiction with no connection to actual persons, places or time. Please enjoy the fantasy.


Chapter One

I could not believe that I was volunteering to go to prison. Actually, that is not entirely correct. I was requesting or agreeing to go through the process of being imprisoned in order to understand just what was happening in this Far Eastern country.

Mai Ling is my name and I am a 24 year old, healthy, usually rational female, who supports herself, more or less, by being a free lance writer for the United Nations. Continue reading “Up the River (Imprisoned) in Handcuffs”

Member Files Update for 9/24/2014

Sheer, pink.  Kind of accidentally, sheer and pink is the theme of this update.  You might remember the Men’s magazines from the 60’s or 70’s.  No?  Well, good for you!  I’ll draw you a picture;  Pretty and breasty girl in a sheer baby-doll nightgown, garter and stockings and high-heels in bed.  That’s right, high heels in bed.

Kylie K. required to have her wrists behind her head for handcuffing
Kylie K. required to have her wrists behind her head for handcuffing








Well, one more thing.  Her hands are locked behind her back with handcuffs, and the crusty old detective sits on the other side of the bed, keeping his distance.  He knows the dame is trouble.  So, she stays cuffed.  All night.  Don’t miss Kylie in “The Prisoner 3

Uploads from 9/24/2014
Uploads from 9/24/2014








If you live in a big city you’ve seen them.  Women, carrying a case of office supplies, medical samples, etc.  Sales Sluts.  They know the name.  Their uniform?  Pencil skirt, pantyhose, sheer blouse, and finally, high heels.  Usually they don’t get tied up, but Vika is in this case.  She knows her clients and will put up with a little bondage to make a sale.  You can see her in her uniform, and in bondage in Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika!

Allright – by the way, still working on the system – coming up with the full UseNET feed that we used to have, and also FileFinder improvements.  Some of you have asked for this – and I want to return FileFinder to it’s former glory!


Member Files Update for 9/20/2014

A lot of times, we in Dungeon Girls management and production try to mix it up for the prisoners, like taking them out of their dungeon, or granting them a brief visitation.  Today’s large-form photo update involves MissPlaced in her unsuccessful Dungeon Girls 5 exploit.

Top part of page for the 9/20/2014 update - MissPlaced, and Slave Coffle final clip
Top part of page for the 9/20/2014 update – MissPlaced, and Slave Coffle final clip






As usual click on the above image for a “readable” view.  The video clip today is the final clip from the popular “Slave Coffle” HD video program, starring Elaine and Danielle Trixie.

Danielle prepares Elaine and Marshall for prisoner transport
Danielle prepares Elaine and Marshall for prisoner transport









Oh, the process of improving the Archives BBS Member Site is ongoing.  I added a banner of lovely Anna to the site.    She was tightly trussed up with her elbows tied behind her back, and her ankles crossed and tied.  This makes it impossible for the bound woman to keep her knees together.  I hope you enjoy:

Tied up female in leather slacks, hogtied in bondage
Archives BBS Member Site Banner




All the best!









Proposal for Penis gag for female prisoners

Note to readers:  This is a proposal sent to Hottbonds for a type of gag that I have not seen on the market, but I believe would be well-received in my photography and video:

Hello, Hottbonds –

I am looking for a WORKING penis gag for my female models.  I am not interested in having it attached to a much larger dildo on the outside of the gag, such as I’ve seen on the market.  I think that the interior prod should be from 3″ to 5″ in length to provide the captive with a true filling experience.  Best, interchangeable prods of different length would provide the most intrusive fit.  The material is up to you, but a silicon material such as Flashington gags would seem appropriate.  Interchangeability would be desirable in that the female prisoner could be assured that her penis-gag had not been used on another captive.

Also helpful might be a “spider-gag” metal prong configuration to assure that the prod remains aligned over her tongue and back down the mouth.  The strap behind the neck should be somewhat thin with closely spaced hasp holes to provide an unforgivingly tight fit.  The outer face of the gag could simply be a round circle or a square like a typical panel gag.

To my knowledge there is no such gag on the market, and it could be part of a system which includes your lower face mask (which I had trouble fitting tightly on the model Vika) and perhaps a full lace-tight discipline helmet.

To review, I have seen nothing on the market but novelty items that are all too short to serve as effective filler, or have straps behind the head that are crude, thick leather with widely spaced holes.

I think there is a place in the market for such a female head restraint and mouth intrusion system which is serious in nature.  I would be willing to advance $100.00 to your company for the beginnings of the development of such a system.

Kind regards,

Member Files Update for 9/16/2014

Hello, all!

I am beginning two new folders, archw9 and archclips03.  There were a whopping 648 files in archw8 (the most ever in an original large-form photography folder), and 174 in archclips02.  You’ll see the new folders at the top of FileFinder as follows:

The top of Filefinder on 9/16/2014, including 2 new folders: archw9 and archclips03
The top of Filefinder on 9/16/2014, including 2 new folders: archw9 and archclips03


Below is a quick clip of Kylie K. from “The Prisoner 3“.  She is being punished for mouthing off by being required to stand bound, topless and ball-gagged in 5 inch strap-on heels.

Kylie K. from "The Prisoner 3" - clip name is - Kylie_the_Prisoner_3_05.mp4 - this clip is available to all Archives BBS Member Site subscribers
Kylie K. from “The Prisoner 3” – clip name is – Kylie_the_Prisoner_3_05.mp4 – this clip is available to all Archives BBS Member Site subscribers


Last Seat on the Plane – rising female executive pushes a bit too far!


Hello all – This story was found on I think, years ago.  It might have been written by “John B.” a prolific and talented bondage text author.  I have always thought it was a fun idea, where a pushy female execute gets her comeuppance.  I corrected a few typos, but here it is, presented as I found it years ago.



Last Seat on the Plane

Kate was a rising star in her industry. She had spent four years in college and graduated with perfect results. She had spent 5 years at the industry’s leading company and now she was on the point of hitting the big time. Becoming a vice president before she hit thirty, all she had to do was to complete one small detail of a make or break business deal. She had just a few days, but one flight and one meeting would clinch it. Continue reading Last Seat on the Plane – rising female executive pushes a bit too far!

MJ567 Chinese bondage roleplay

I’d like to call your attention to D Zhang photograph or the MJ567 role-play club.  From what I have been able to piece together this is a company of role-players and content-producers in China under the leadership to Mr. Zhang who practice “judicial bondage” in photography and video as well as simulated executions.  I note the below video where a very pretty young lady is vigorously bound in the inimitable Chinese style.


I have to admit a fascination with this bondage style and have tried to incorporate it into my own photography.

If you find of interest and would like to discuss, please comment below.


Member Files Update for 9/13/2014

Update for 9/13/2014

OK, my dearest members – remember for member content to click on “Filefinder” – the menu item above to view the newest content.  If you have any questions about how the new system operates, please comment at the bottom of this post and I will seek to answer!

There are 10 large-form files for today.  I usually require that model be in bondage during breaks and during transport – this is so the models stay used to being in bondage, and also to keep them following directions, such as in the video “Slave Interview“.  Here Elaine, with her wrists tightly tied up behind her back ascends the staircase.  An illustration follows, click for full-size image:

Elaine with her wrists tied behind her back, ascending the staircase
Elaine with her wrists tied behind her back, ascending the staircase









Sometimes at the end of a video, a prisoner will come back from incarceration with additional skills.  In the case of Vika from Anonymous Bondage Witness, with a warrant from the court, she soon had Marshall kneeling in chains as she reached for the ball-gag – don’t miss this cool clip!

"Hands behind your back, you are my Prisoner!" Sexy Vika is trained as a bondage blouse mistress.
“Hands behind your back, you are my Prisoner!”, commands Vika. Sexy Vika is trained as a bondage blouse mistress.









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Member Files Update for 9/11/2014

Today, we have a clip of Kylie K. as The Prisoner 3 – and bondage images of Elaine.  I regard these images to be from the “Stone Age” – that is, pre-digital – fortunately, I immediately had them scanned back then – the images were taken with a Leica M6 TTL camera, for those with an interest in that type of thing.  I think they are remarkably sexy!

Member files update for 9/1/2014
Member files update for 9/1/2014

Amy on Trial, by M. DeArbre

Introduction:  Many years ago, I received this text file from the author – and he gave me permission to use it on Archives BBS.  I believe it may date from 1997, and the author may be of Italian origin. It was very popular, I think because of the circumspect and passive style of writing.  The story is very simple;  a beautiful young woman is handcuffed in a courtroom, and is sentenced to 3 years in prison.  She is then locked in ankle chains and begins her journey to prison.  The humiliation and embarrassment of Amy as she is exposed in her chains to free women is highlighted.

I hope you enjoy this simple but powerful story which carries such an strong emotional payload!


by M. De Arbre

Chapter One

The fans turned overhead in the small courtroom on the 2rd floor of the institute building. Small windows high on the Western wall were open to give some relief from the humidity. Shafts of warm yellow light slanted into the room.

Court was in session. A woman’s voice articulated loud against the echo of the almost empty room. Continue reading Amy on Trial, by M. DeArbre

Member files update for 9/9/2014

Today we have a clip of Marshall and Vika.  Vika’s ride is not coming for a few hours, but Marshall has to fun a few errands.  Vika wants to stay in the studio, but Marshall requires that she be handcuffed and bagged while waiting for her boyfriend, just so there is no misunderstanding with his equipment.  Vika complete understands and is locked down.  See the complete story at “Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika

Marshall explains to Vika that since he has to run errands, she has to be handcuffed and sacked in plastic until her ride comes
Marshall explains to Vika that since he has to run errands, she has to be handcuffed and sacked in plastic until her ride comes










New file posts from 9/9/2014 - Models feature Elaine and Kylie K.
New file posts from 9/9/2014 – Models feature Elaine and Kylie K.







Large form images include Kyla K. bondage images from “The Prisoner 3” and images from the first shooting of Elaine which are of incredible quality and footage of which is included in “Complete Booked” starring Kobe and Wenona.  (click image for larger version)

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Capture the Flag – Part 4

I guess it’s no surprise that things are starting to get complex in the “Capture the Flag” series.  As you all know, “Capture the Flag” related the happenings at a small Texas college in the Piney Woods.  The object is to recover the flag from the opponents goal area by making a rush for the flag, grabbing it and running back to your own goal area.

But, if your personal flag is pulled from your trousers or dress, you must surrender yourself into captivity, submit to bondage, where you will be tied tightly with thin cotton ropes that each player is permitted to carry.  At first, the men vs. women games were played for fun, the running and the fun time in the fresh air.  But the women escalated, and when men were captured, they were tightly bound, hooded and marched back to the women’s area prison, where they were hogtied tightly until the game ended or until they were rescued.

The men responded in kind and when one of the women’s team was captured, they were tied wrist and elbow with a thin cord between the ankles and they were marched back to the men’s area prison where they also were hogtied and often hooded.

It might not be a surprise that as these competitors’ rivalry grew on the field, and as the spectators found this more and more a fun way to spend Saturday evening, the use of bondage spilled into the personal relations of the players.  Rick is beginning to learn that he has to make choices, between the dominant young lady that held him prisoner at the last game, and the submissive, well-bread young woman who wants nothing more that to put on silk lingerie, get tied up and jump in his arms for a steamy make-out session while her roommates are studying in the library. Members locate the file and other writings by Felix Dartmouth on FileFinder

Handcuffed Woman - Danielle Trixie
Danielle Trixie handcuffed behind her back – collared with lead attached


Member files update for 9/6/2014

I am really glad I’m back to posting content instead of moving from one system to another!  There are about 19 new files today.  Members login in through FileFinder

First is Archives BBS content with Kylie K.

Kylie K. in Bondage
Update with Kylie K. in Bondage







Here are a few pix from Salzburg – I hope you’ll forgive me my vacation images, but many of you may Identify with this.  Have you ever been in a crowded area, and there is one girl, just one girl that captures all the male attention?  Well, here is the girl today – all her friends were scruffy college types, but she took the time and thought to wear an ultra-sheer blouse and every male eye, and maybe some female eyes were turned toward her.  In fact, her friends crowded around her in a type of protective herd instinct but I managed to click off about 8 frames:




Oh, also included in this upload is a 5 minute HD clip of Kylie K in bondage from the video “The Prisoner 3“.

Sentenced Female Felon – is she handcuffed, or not?

This is an interesting post that I ran across on

Here, a Norton, Ohio woman was sentenced by Judge James L. Kimbler for stealing from the elderly.  According to the video, she was sentenced to a full year in jail, less 1 day time served.  An interesting comment though is that she herself says in the comments section:  “Also I was out on bond… I wasn’t handcuffed in this video, that part you guys didn’t get to see…”

She goes on to talk about her criminal record or lack thereof and specifically questions one of the other comment contributors about what he knows about the case.

It seems clear to me that her wrists are locked in handcuffs behind her back.  I would think this is the usual procedure for a female who is already determined to be guilty and was attending a sentencing hearing.

Apparently, the other viewers of this video agree.  Note some of the comments:

  • she looks great handcuffed
  • I wonder why she wasn’t in shackles and wearing her uniform, just handcuffs. Usually in court you have to be in chains, no?
  • she is cuffed cause she’s going to jail
  • When guilt is already agreed to, prisoners are locked up during the sentencing hearing.

I’ll leave it to you guys to decide –

I’ll invite you to note that when she hears her jail sentence, a wave of nausea runs across her face, but she does not move her hands.  I think this is the strongest indicator the idea that she has been locked down, and that she would be transported straight to jail to begin her sentence.

I also invite you to speculate on the young woman on the prisoner’s bench we see in the lower left corner of the opening frame.  I suspect she is the next to be sentenced and jailed, from her expression.



Archives BBS Member Site is operating on a new server.

Randy Moore stars in "Slaves in Bridal Bondage"
Randy Moore applauds the change!

I’m very pleased to announce that Archives BBS Member site is in operation on a new server.  This change opens up a lot of opportunity in terms of features, flexibility with a wider community of support.

I hope you enjoy the re-designed FileFinder.  Rather than searching from an index page, as was the case before, here you initiate searches from the “Results” page.  In addition, to view the full-size image, you click the image itself.  There is a link to either the folder that this image is contained in, but also a link to the Model is featured in the image.

We will be exploring other innovative ways of viewing content as the flexible and powerful web editing program keeps subscribers informed and entertained about doings on the site.

So, please enjoy, and thanks for being a Subscriber to Archives BBS Member Site!

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