“Up the River (Imprisoned) in Handcuffs”

Note from Felix:  This incredible bondage romp has always been one of my favorite bondage stories.  It has all the fun elements of a great bondage text, and I present it here to you in its entirety, disclaiming knowledge of origin or copyright.  This is an incredibly long story.

The following story is pure unadulterated fiction with no connection to actual persons, places or time. Please enjoy the fantasy.


Chapter One

I could not believe that I was volunteering to go to prison. Actually, that is not entirely correct. I was requesting or agreeing to go through the process of being imprisoned in order to understand just what was happening in this Far Eastern country.

Mai Ling is my name and I am a 24 year old, healthy, usually rational female, who supports herself, more or less, by being a free lance writer for the United Nations.I was born in the United States as the result of a union between an American marine and a Vietnamese. The marriage occurred when he was on leave and lasted until I was all of two months old. He was killed soon after returning to action, leaving my mother and I to a life of trying to survive in New Jersey. One way or another she put me through college and then succumbed to breast cancer, leaving me with only distant relatives.

This story has been taken offline on 12/19/2017 (Felix) – but several segments follow:


I had a hard time imagining this and had asked if I might visit his prison.

His reply was, “Sorry but we have very strict rules about visitors, particularly if they are reporters. Joe here probably explained that the same applies to the woman’s prison camp which in any case is far up river.”

It was at this point that Joe asked whether I might at least observe the processing or admission of incoming prisoners.

“Yes,” I said. “This wouldn’t be the same as actually seeing the prison. Wouldn’t this be okay?”

“Mai, if I may call you by your first name, processing of prisoners takes place in the prison itself. The only way that would work would be for me to make you a “criminal” for the two days in takes to get you from the front door to the holding area from which the prisoners are assigned to a prison unit or go to the work camp. And believe me, those two days would have you begging for release.”

After this remark from Mr. Suharto…which sounded like a challenge…. I replied, “Look, if this would give me the answer to my questions, I want to do it. Besides, I’m strong and can take anything for two days.”

Joe said, “Mai, you are crazy. Processing involves strip searches, finger printing, photos and a fast education in the rules prisoners must obey. It’s as bad as two weeks in prison itself. You really would be a prisoner.”

So this brings me to the start of this tale. I should add that several years previously I had become aware of a deep seated fascination in bondage, control, even enslavement. As was true in my adventures in Amsterdam, I was now becoming sexually aroused.

“Sir, I would really like to do this. I’ll be glad to sign any necessary papers and would not hold you or the system responsible.”


“Shut up, and turn around with your hands crossed behind your back.” This command was accompanied by her grabbing my shoulders and twisting me. Then I felt a thin band of plastic being drawn around my wrists. It was pulled very snug.

Coming around in front again, she held several of these bands in her hand. “These plastic handcuffs were made by your government, and are cheap and very effective. See, you just make a loop and thread the end thru that little one-way lock. It can be tightened but never loosened. For transporting prisoners they are great for we don’t have to worry about keys. In the prison itself, you will find that the steel handcuffs are used. Now get down on your knees. I’m going to use a double ended plasti-cuff on you ankles.”

Soon I found that my ankles were connected by a 12 inch strip of the plastic, thus effectively hobbling me. I tried to separate my wrists but found the plastic was very strong.

– – –


When I rejoined the group a few minutes later, Gen. Lee came up to me and gave me a big hug. “You are just as attractive as ever, Mai Ling. I love to see you in chains. I’m glad you are leaving so I won’t be tempted.”

Monica also gave me a hug and a kiss, and whispered, “If you stayed here, I’d never give him a chance, and, yes, you would spend some time in chains. Now get the hell out of here.”

With mixed feelings, I boarded the plane and a few minutes later we were on our way. It would be a very long time before the past few months would become a dim memory.



Proposal for Penis gag for female prisoners

Note to readers:  This is a proposal sent to Hottbonds for a type of gag that I have not seen on the market, but I believe would be well-received in my photography and video:

Hello, Hottbonds –

I am looking for a WORKING penis gag for my female models.  I am not interested in having it attached to a much larger dildo on the outside of the gag, such as I’ve seen on the market.  I think that the interior prod should be from 3″ to 5″ in length to provide the captive with a true filling experience.  Best, interchangeable prods of different length would provide the most intrusive fit.  The material is up to you, but a silicon material such as Flashington gags would seem appropriate.  Interchangeability would be desirable in that the female prisoner could be assured that her penis-gag had not been used on another captive.

Also helpful might be a “spider-gag” metal prong configuration to assure that the prod remains aligned over her tongue and back down the mouth.  The strap behind the neck should be somewhat thin with closely spaced hasp holes to provide an unforgivingly tight fit.  The outer face of the gag could simply be a round circle or a square like a typical panel gag.

To my knowledge there is no such gag on the market, and it could be part of a system which includes your lower face mask (which I had trouble fitting tightly on the model Vika) and perhaps a full lace-tight discipline helmet.

To review, I have seen nothing on the market but novelty items that are all too short to serve as effective filler, or have straps behind the head that are crude, thick leather with widely spaced holes.

I think there is a place in the market for such a female head restraint and mouth intrusion system which is serious in nature.  I would be willing to advance $100.00 to your company for the beginnings of the development of such a system.

Kind regards,

Last Seat on the Plane – rising female executive pushes a bit too far!

Hello all – This story was found on I think, netlife.lu years ago.  It might have been written by “John B.” a prolific and talented bondage text author.  I have always thought it was a fun idea, where a pushy female execute gets her comeuppance.  I corrected a few typos, but here it is, presented as I found it years ago.


Last Seat on the Plane

Kate was a rising star in her industry. She had spent four years in college and graduated with perfect results. She had spent 5 years at the industry’s leading company and now she was on the point of hitting the big time. Becoming a vice president before she hit thirty, all she had to do was to complete one small detail of a make or break a business deal. She had just a few days, but one flight and one meeting would clinch it.

Kate was very frustrated at the airport, they had lost her reservation her seat had been sold. She was now cueing to get the last ticket, on the one plane that could get her there on time. Kate was dressed to impress she had an expensive business jacket tailored to emphasize her large bust and neat waist. A tight blouse that also emphasized her breasts, while her male colleges were staring at her tight top she would be earning there sales bonuses. Her bottom half was just as well proportioned a tight skirt black hose and killer 4 1/2 inch heels she was the perfect feminine package.

Note:  This text file is taken offline 12/19/2017 (Felix) – several excerpts follow for reference:

Kate got to the end of the line, finally, she could get her ticket. The receptionist looked at her papers then she uttered one crushing sentence, “Well I am sorry but we don’t have any seats on the plane”. A desperate look crossed Kate’s face, she felt she was going to lose it any second but she calmed down. Kate continued trying to bargain with the booking office “I will pay anything ”. The woman behind the desk shook her head sadly “ all the seats are booked up”. The woman sympathized with Kate but couldn’t do anything. Kate made one final hart felt desperate plea “If I don’t get on that flight I will lose my job”. The woman behind the desk looked left and right then leaned over the desk she beckoned Kate to lean closer.

The woman looked nervous she whispered secretively “Well we have one seat, but you don’t want it”. A look of confusion crossed Kate’s face, “What do you mean I don’t want it?”. The woman looked nervous for a second Kate gestured with her hands for the receptionist to speed up. A sigh of resignation crossed the woman’s lips and she explained in a hushed tone. “Well, the airline used to transport some patients to the psychiatric hospitals, that gets them to specialist clinics to give them treatment. Well, one or two got loose in transport, our insurers got wind of it and so did the hospitals. So they had a special seat made, you don’t want to fly in that thing”. Kate looked confused “I am desperate I need to get on the plane even if it’s a bad seat I can take an uncomfortable journey“. the woman shook her head “You don’t understand our insurers and the hospitals made us sign a contract a legally binding agreement. Anyone traveling in that seat is considered a risk, they have to sign a waiver when you go through a procedure”.

Kate didn’t like the sound of this but believed that she didn’t have many options. She sort clarification on what she suspected “What do you mean by a procedure”? The woman looked nervous Then continued a little embarrass “Well the passenger is taken away, she is strip searched thoroughly for any contraband. Then they put her in a tight straight jacket, gag and hood her then a handler takes her away”. Kathy could read people the woman had not told the full story “Is that it then”? she said it as a question. The woman behind the desk continued in a nervous voice “No a supervisor double checks you, tightens your restraints, then locks your restraints. The supervisor adds a second tighter hood is, then a posture collar and a transport jacket and a canvas hobble skirt.” Kate was becoming very nervous she let her thoughts spill past her lips “that’s barbaric ” the woman behind the desk nodded, “but effective we haven’t had another incident once we started using this procedure”.

Kate could feel that there was still a little more information to squeeze out of the woman than she had. So she continued to press “You are not telling me quite everything”. The woman behind the desk took a deep breath and continued. “Well, it’s an eight-hour flight and they strap you down to your chair for the entire time.” Kate realized the implications, but she would suffer a lot of discomforts to get this deal closed, “What if I want to go to the toilet or get something to eat?”. The woman behind the desk shook her head. “They won’t let you out of the chair, you would be wearing a special pair of tight rubber underwear with large plugs even if you need to go you won’t be allowed to, you won’t be able to.” Kate’s resolve began to crack “Its eight hours that’s unbearable”. Kate’s body shook she was about to lose it all. The woman behind the check-in desk looked at her pausing for a few seconds, “Then you don’t want the seat?”

Kate surrendered to the inevitable,“I have to get to that meeting or its five years work and 4 years at college down the drain”. The woman behind the desk nodded and pulled some forms out, she explained in detail the procedure.

End of Text File


Amy on Trial, by M. DeArbre

Introduction:  Many years ago, I received this text file from the author – and he gave me permission to use it on Archives BBS.  I believe it may date from 1997, and the author may be of Italian origin. It was very popular, I think because of the circumspect and passive style of writing.  The story is very simple;  a beautiful young woman on trial is handcuffed in a courtroom and is sentenced to 3 years in prison.  She is then locked in ankle chains and begins her journey to prison.  The humiliation and embarrassment of Amy as she is exposed in her chains to free women are highlighted.

Note:  This text file is taken offline 12/20/2017 (Felix) – several excerpts follow for reference:

I hope you enjoy this simple but powerful story which carries such a strong emotional payload!


by M. De Arbre

Chapter One

The fans turned overhead in the small courtroom on the 2nd floor of the institute building. Small windows high on the Western wall were open to give some relief from the humidity. Shafts of warm yellow light slanted into the room.

The court was in session. A woman’s voice articulated loud against the echo of the almost empty room.

To one side the prosecutor lounged, bored and middle-aged. An elderly couple sat centrally on the benches. At the back, by the entrance sat a uniformed policeman talking softly to a woman. The woman had the bearing and ease of a fellow police officer but rather than a uniformed she wore her own clothes. She had straw blonde hair, tightly bunched at the back. She looked a little older than the policeman; about mid 30’s. She had folded her jacket behind her seat. On the table was the policeman’s cap and jacket.
The judge tidied and squared papers, seeking relief from the monologue… His face, comfortably fat, horned rimmed glasses… which he had occasionally removed to rub strained eyes. Time was dragging.

..”please your honor the defendant has demonstrated remorse, the act was entirely out of character”…

The judge replaced his glasses and glanced at the middle-aged women talking. Then he looked at the defendant sitting beside her. A young woman on trial of about 25 years. She was wearing a neat black dress almost to her knees, short sleeves, dark stockings and black high stilettos. Her eyes were downcast. One white hand grasped and re-grasped another within the confines of her handcuffs.


End of Part 1


Capture the Flag – Part 4

Capture the Flag

I guess it’s no surprise that things are starting to get complex in the “Capture the Flag” series.  As you all know, “Capture the Flag” related the happenings at a small Texas college in the Piney Woods.  The object is to recover the flag from the opponents goal area by making a rush for the flag, grabbing it and running back to your own goal area.

But, if your personal flag is pulled from your trousers or dress, you must surrender yourself into captivity, submit to bondage, where you will be tied tightly with thin cotton ropes that each player is permitted to carry.  At first, the men vs. women games were played for fun, the running and the fun time in the fresh air.  But the women escalated, and when men were captured, they were tightly bound, hooded and marched back to the women’s area prison, where they were hogtied tightly until the game ended or until they were rescued.

The men responded in kind and when one of the women’s team was captured, they were tied wrist and elbow with a thin cord between the ankles and they were marched back to the men’s area prison where they also were hogtied and often hooded in this college-level game of capture the flag.

It might not be a surprise that as these competitors’ rivalry grew on the field, and as the spectators found this more and more a fun way to spend Saturday evening, the use of bondage spilled into the personal relations of the players.  Rick is beginning to learn that he has to make choices, between the dominant young lady that held him prisoner at the last game, and the submissive, well-bred young woman who wants nothing more than to put on silk lingerie, get tied up and jump in his arms for a steamy make-out session while her roommates are studying in the library.

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Handcuffed Woman - Danielle Trixie
Danielle Trixie handcuffed behind her back – collared with lead attached


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