Amy on Trial, by M. DeArbre

Introduction:  Many years ago, I received this text file from the author – and he gave me permission to use it on Archives BBS.  I believe it may date from 1997, and the author may be of Italian origin. It was very popular, I think because of the circumspect and passive style of writing.  The story is very simple;  a beautiful young woman on trial is handcuffed in a courtroom and is sentenced to 3 years in prison.  She is then locked in ankle chains and begins her journey to prison.  The humiliation and embarrassment of Amy as she is exposed in her chains to free women are highlighted.

Note:  This text file is taken offline 12/20/2017 (Felix) – several excerpts follow for reference:

I hope you enjoy this simple but powerful story which carries such a strong emotional payload!


by M. De Arbre

Chapter One

The fans turned overhead in the small courtroom on the 2nd floor of the institute building. Small windows high on the Western wall were open to give some relief from the humidity. Shafts of warm yellow light slanted into the room.

The court was in session. A woman’s voice articulated loud against the echo of the almost empty room.

To one side the prosecutor lounged, bored and middle-aged. An elderly couple sat centrally on the benches. At the back, by the entrance sat a uniformed policeman talking softly to a woman. The woman had the bearing and ease of a fellow police officer but rather than a uniformed she wore her own clothes. She had straw blonde hair, tightly bunched at the back. She looked a little older than the policeman; about mid 30’s. She had folded her jacket behind her seat. On the table was the policeman’s cap and jacket.
The judge tidied and squared papers, seeking relief from the monologue… His face, comfortably fat, horned rimmed glasses… which he had occasionally removed to rub strained eyes. Time was dragging.

..”please your honor the defendant has demonstrated remorse, the act was entirely out of character”…

The judge replaced his glasses and glanced at the middle-aged women talking. Then he looked at the defendant sitting beside her. A young woman on trial of about 25 years. She was wearing a neat black dress almost to her knees, short sleeves, dark stockings and black high stilettos. Her eyes were downcast. One white hand grasped and re-grasped another within the confines of her handcuffs.


End of Part 1


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