“Up the River (Imprisoned) in Handcuffs”

Note from Felix:  This incredible bondage romp has always been one of my favorite bondage stories.  It has all the fun elements of a great bondage text, and I present it here to you in its entirety, disclaiming knowledge of origin or copyright.  This is an incredibly long story.

The following story is pure unadulterated fiction with no connection to actual persons, places or time. Please enjoy the fantasy.


Chapter One

I could not believe that I was volunteering to go to prison. Actually, that is not entirely correct. I was requesting or agreeing to go through the process of being imprisoned in order to understand just what was happening in this Far Eastern country.

Mai Ling is my name and I am a 24 year old, healthy, usually rational female, who supports herself, more or less, by being a free lance writer for the United Nations.I was born in the United States as the result of a union between an American marine and a Vietnamese. The marriage occurred when he was on leave and lasted until I was all of two months old. He was killed soon after returning to action, leaving my mother and I to a life of trying to survive in New Jersey. One way or another she put me through college and then succumbed to breast cancer, leaving me with only distant relatives.

This story has been taken offline on 12/19/2017 (Felix) – but several segments follow:


I had a hard time imagining this and had asked if I might visit his prison.

His reply was, “Sorry but we have very strict rules about visitors, particularly if they are reporters. Joe here probably explained that the same applies to the woman’s prison camp which in any case is far up river.”

It was at this point that Joe asked whether I might at least observe the processing or admission of incoming prisoners.

“Yes,” I said. “This wouldn’t be the same as actually seeing the prison. Wouldn’t this be okay?”

“Mai, if I may call you by your first name, processing of prisoners takes place in the prison itself. The only way that would work would be for me to make you a “criminal” for the two days in takes to get you from the front door to the holding area from which the prisoners are assigned to a prison unit or go to the work camp. And believe me, those two days would have you begging for release.”

After this remark from Mr. Suharto…which sounded like a challenge…. I replied, “Look, if this would give me the answer to my questions, I want to do it. Besides, I’m strong and can take anything for two days.”

Joe said, “Mai, you are crazy. Processing involves strip searches, finger printing, photos and a fast education in the rules prisoners must obey. It’s as bad as two weeks in prison itself. You really would be a prisoner.”

So this brings me to the start of this tale. I should add that several years previously I had become aware of a deep seated fascination in bondage, control, even enslavement. As was true in my adventures in Amsterdam, I was now becoming sexually aroused.

“Sir, I would really like to do this. I’ll be glad to sign any necessary papers and would not hold you or the system responsible.”


“Shut up, and turn around with your hands crossed behind your back.” This command was accompanied by her grabbing my shoulders and twisting me. Then I felt a thin band of plastic being drawn around my wrists. It was pulled very snug.

Coming around in front again, she held several of these bands in her hand. “These plastic handcuffs were made by your government, and are cheap and very effective. See, you just make a loop and thread the end thru that little one-way lock. It can be tightened but never loosened. For transporting prisoners they are great for we don’t have to worry about keys. In the prison itself, you will find that the steel handcuffs are used. Now get down on your knees. I’m going to use a double ended plasti-cuff on you ankles.”

Soon I found that my ankles were connected by a 12 inch strip of the plastic, thus effectively hobbling me. I tried to separate my wrists but found the plastic was very strong.

– – –


When I rejoined the group a few minutes later, Gen. Lee came up to me and gave me a big hug. “You are just as attractive as ever, Mai Ling. I love to see you in chains. I’m glad you are leaving so I won’t be tempted.”

Monica also gave me a hug and a kiss, and whispered, “If you stayed here, I’d never give him a chance, and, yes, you would spend some time in chains. Now get the hell out of here.”

With mixed feelings, I boarded the plane and a few minutes later we were on our way. It would be a very long time before the past few months would become a dim memory.



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  1. I wish I had more by the same author – do you know who it is? Maybe I can do a search. So many sexy episodes! I love the part where she is hooded, substituted for the real prisoner and is taken “up the river”!

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