Heroine in Handcuffs, Megan Bridal Bound

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Heroine in Handcuffs – She wanted to protect her sources, but neither her boyfriend, nor her mother agreed with her. The judge sentenced her for contempt and indicated that she would be jailed until she complied with the court’s demands.  She dressed the part:  a filmy sheer nylon blouse, neat slacks and sensible shoes for the perp-walk.  Her wrists were locked in handcuffs, she was surprised they were not locked behind her back.  Her boyfriend kissed her on the lips, and she cried.  She didn’t have to worry, though, she had just locked him up in a chastity tube and given her mother the key.  She could be jailed for months!

Heroine in Handcuffs
Heroine in Handcuffs









Our video clip today features Lot 782. Once a woman is captured as a slave, it is a given that she will be physically restrained in bondage, but there is a certain amount of give and take between the handler and the female slave. Being handcuffed with your wrists locked behind your back can wear on a girl, and she will bargain for anything else! Wearing a romantic neo-Victorian bridal gown, she accepts an offer to be tied up, but little does she know that she will be bound behind her back at the elbows, tightly cinched together, pulling her shoulders back and causing her breasts to strain against the lace fabric. Her breath is quick and labored – she knows she has been bested in bridal bondage, but is to proud to ask for release.

To see the details of the preparation for the slave sale, refer to “Female Slave – Lo t 782

Heroine in handcuffs, Megan Bridal Bound
Top of Filefinder of 1/30/2015- Heroine in handcuffs, Megan Bridal Bound









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Princess in Ten Tight Positions – Kylie female prisoner

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Princess is featured in a clip from “Ten Tight Positions“.   She remembers being with her family at a resort park, and her Dad insisted that she and her Mom wear a disposable plastic raincoat the whole day, even though it was barely drizzling.

Princess ball-gagged in a raincoat with wrists and elbows bound
Princess ball-gagged in a raincoat with wrists and elbows bound








Everyone knows that once a woman is sentenced to prison, to keep her secure and unable to escape, she must be locked in court-approved restraints until she is locked behind her cell doors in the women’s incarceration facility.

The below images, taken from “The Prisoner 3” show that Kylie K. is kept tightly locked in her judicial restraints!

Kylie K. as the locked female prisoner
Kylie K. as the locked female prisoner









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Legal Slave Randy Moore and Mary at auction

All the below files are available to Subscribers at Archives BBS Member Site.  Join Now! She might have had a bit to drink, but the bartender attested that she was effectively sober.  She signed the blank slavery contract, put on the handcuffs, and locked herself in the cage.  Her boyfriend was furious, but he didn’t really think that she had sold herself as a slave.  But the paperwork was proper and the locks were in place and Randy Moore was no longer a free woman;  she was now a legal slave!  Below is an image (click for full-size) of Randy dressed for her date, but now in her transport shackles and effectively ball-gagged!

Ray Moore is handcuffed and ball-gagged, drooling
Ray Moore is handcuffed and ball-gagged, drooling






Don’t miss the fun video of Randy Moore as a “Slave in Bridal Bondage“!


While Randy has already been enslaved, Mary, a recent prisoner at Archives BBS, is just in the process of being sold.  She has just entered lockdown.  You can see her in “Female Slave – Lot 830“.

You can see her in images in today’s Top of Filefinder! – You members know what to do!

Slave Randy Moore Mary on the block
Slave Randy Moore Mary on the block








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Female Slaves at Auction – Lot 782 & 830

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Today’s post involves both female prisoners who have been set for auction.  The video clip for today shows Megan, wearing a lovely bridal gown, being locked in her handcuffs, from the video “Female Slave – Lot 782“.  An image from this scene follows.  Click for a full-size version of the image.

Handcuffed Bride in Slavery
Handcuffed Bride in Slavery









As this top part of FileFinder shows, also included are images of Mary. She has been freshly taken into imprisonment for her sale as a female slave.  Of course, she has been locked in handcuffs, behind her back, and she is wearing the standard Archives BBS Slut outfit.  Megan is seen in her female slave auction preparations in “Female Slave – Lot 830.

Female Slaves - Mary and Megan posted for sale
Female Slaves – Mary and Megan posted for sale









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New Product – 5/24/2011 Olivia in Cruel Bondage

5/24/2011 Olivia in Cruel Bondage – DV Download in 2 Parts

Perhaps the phrase “abundance of riches” best describes the second shooting with the sexy Olivia! After her popular first video “Olivia’s Bondage Weekend“, Olivia was available later that spring for an additional shooting on 5/24/2011. The problem was that this video was so long, that I couldn’t possibly fit it on a DVD which I was marketing back in 2011.

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Download the “5/24/2011 Olivia in Cruel Bondage” trailer!

This video is currently available to all Subscribers of Archives BBS, but it is cut up into 5 minute segments to make easy-to-download 100 Meg sections. Now, for the first time, you can download the entire 2 hours and 18 minutes (approx.) of video and view this sexy video without subscribing to Archives BBS! This is a DV (740 x 480) presentation, and it will be presented as a multiple download of 2 generous and colorful MP4 files.

Below, if you click on the thumbnails, you will see some of Olivia’s Cruel Bondage. She is ball-gagged with a full-size 2 1/4 inch silicone gag, she is tied topless with her wrists behind her back, she takes the Archives BBS Suffocation Challenge in handcuffs, and an airtight plastic bag roped around her throat, she is required to wear locking high-heels, as a convention-woman in Japan, she is kept handcuffed in a small cage, she is topless in all black leather, she is penis-gagged in a New-Victorian bridal-gown, and she wears a barely-there sheer nylon 1950’s blouse with her wrists in handcuffs! Olivia has been placed in cruel bondage!

Here is the Table of Contents of the 2 hour, 15 minute bondage presentation:

Formal Restraint – 13:40 – Olivia greats ready for a hot date!
Suffocation Experiment – 11:56 – Olivia is handcuffed and takes the airtight plastic bag suffocation challenge!
Bridal Bondage – 29:55 – See Olivia in Cruel Bondage in a beautiful Neo-Victorian wedding gown!
Rope Web – 35:18 – Topless, Tied up -’nuff said!
Topless Strapdown – 12:18 – Strapped up in leather with a choke-collar built-in!
Sheer Top, Leather Skirt, Locking Heels – 28:24 – Sexy outfit in the John Willie “Slave to Fashion” Style. Very tightly bound!
Bagged in Plastic – 5:00 – Penis-gagged, tightly blindfolded, formal black and white outfit, she is subjected to Plastic Bondage.

All this cruel bondage in a newly-issued color-tuned compendium release!

Megan as bondage slave, Jenni and Diana

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Diana was one of the most popular models ever!  Does anyone think that Diana needs a model profile?  This is an image of a position that she found pretty strenuous and strict.  She is strapped at the shoulders by a thick cowhide strap, collared again with thick cowhide, and her wrists are strapped in cowhide.  A tightly-fitting ball-gag silenced her chatter!

Her elbows are tied together with thin cord, and then tied up to the back of her harness.  A crotch-rope was tightly pulled through her crotch and then up to her wrist straps.  She had to arch her back before this cord was tightly tied.

As a bondage slave, she knew she should not complain, but I could send the steaming resentment she felt at this humiliating bondage.


Diana in crotch-rope bondage
Diana in crotch-rope bondage







Here is the TOP of filefinder for 1/15/2015. You members know what to do. Footage is included of Megan in her role as a bondage slave: “Female Slave – Lot 782.

Megan, Jenni and Diana in Member Update
Megan, Jenni and Diana in Member Update









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Laura’s Maid Service

Public Content, posted on www.archw.com –

Please refer to this link – Laura’s Maid Service

Often young women will accept the prospect of domestic service.  Sometimes, the owner will required that the maid also must become a bondage maid, and after her duties are completed to strict standards, these bondage maids must be returned to a servant’s restraints, such as leather cuffs, and spreader bars.

These files will be incorporated into the Archives BBS Member files.


Randy Moore – a Slave in Bridal Bondage – Model Profile

In our continuing series of model profiles, we would like to introduce Randy Moore, the star of Slave in Bridal Bondage to our members.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that Randy Moore is a prolific and in-demand model, not only for bondage, but also for fetish glamour.  She has done some really outstanding work with Jim Weathers and is costumed in the absolutely most elaborate fetish attire!

She is one of the most professional models that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  When she came to shoot in Houston, things really didn’t work out as planned (which is not unusual), but she made the best of an unexpected situation and it was a real success for Archives BBS!  In keeping with the strict standards of model behavior, Randy was kept restrained (often gagged) at all times, including during breaks and costume changes as far as was practical.

I have included just 12 images below as a sample, but there are over 175 images of Randy Moore in bondage in the archive (and many more unpublished), and we will be uploading the entire contents of Slave in Bridal Bondage for the members over the coming weeks as generous 1920 x 1080 HD bondage clips, included in the modest subscription price.

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Link to other Model Profiles

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We hope you enjoy these entertaining model profiles, and will continue to make Archives BBS your source for lovely images of women in the strictest bondage!