Brianne Altice – bail revoked and taken out in handcuffs

If you have been following the saga of Brianne Altice, she was taken into custody in January.  She was dressed for court, but I don’t think that she expected for the bail to be revoked and removed to jail in handcuffs.


We will keep you posted on developments in this case.


Other posted videos, including the judge’s reasoning in jailing Ms. Altice immediately by revoking her bond.  This ex-teacher was handcuffed immediately after his words, and led in chains into the secure part of the courtroom where she was locked in jail.

Here, the prisoner is restrained in transport shackles and a striped jumpsuit.


Leah Hogsten : The Salt Lake Tribune. Brianne Altice, 35, was taken into custody and ordered to stand trial in 2nd District Court after Judge John R. Morris refused to set bail, Thursday, January 15, 2015. Altice, is facing a total of 14 felony charges for allegedly having sexual relationships with three male students: five counts of first-degree felony rape, two counts of first-degree felony forcible sodomy, three counts of second-degree felony forcible sexual abuse, along with three counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and one count of dealing harmful material to a minor, all third-degree felonies.

Update:  on 4/22/2015, locked in chains, and signing as a prisoner Brianne Altice pleads guilty to three counts and the prosecutor indicates that Brianne is a continuing danger to society and that she should be sent to prison:

Notice that she is now wearing an orange striped jumpsuit which is no doubt higher security than her grey-striped jumpsuit.  Her hair is in a tight pony-tail since her wrists are shackled and locked to her tight waist chain.  I don’t believe that she has been sentenced as yet, but I don’t think there will be any doubt that the sentence will be stiff indeed!







Bondage for Cash – nude bound woman, trailer and full-size images

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Laura stars in “Bondage for Cash 1“.  This is a TV show that features a bound woman who will receive cash – all she needs to do is not “give up” and ask for her freedom!

Nude bound woman - contestant in "Bondage for Cash 1"
Nude bound woman – contestant in “Bondage for Cash 1”









I think this will be an interesting bondage concept for future videos.  There will be a bidding session where a woman is offered a certain amount of cash for bondage.  She can refuse the offer, or can counter with her own bondage offer.  However, the initial offer she receives can include punishment elements, such as a certain time in a ball-gag, or a penis gag, and a number of swats, etc.

For instance, a properly dressed woman may stand at attention to receive a bondage offer.  “I offer you $400 for six hours of bondage, which are to include 2 hours in a ball-gag, 10 strokes with a belt, and 2 hours of nude bondage.”

The contestant may counter.  “I will accept $500 for six hours of bondage, with only 1 hours in a ball-gag, and 10 swats of the paddle, with 3 hours of nude bondage.”

The bondage Marshall may then accept this counter-offer and the woman will be immediately placed into handcuffs and server her bondage obligation.

He may offer another counter, which the woman may accept and be immediately taken into custody, or she may reject and leave, in that she is a free woman.

Here is FileFinder for today 2/14/2015 (Valentine’s Day!)

Bondage for Cash 1 - nude bound woman!
Bondage for Cash 1 – nude bound woman!









Lots to see on the member site!

Happy Valentine’s day!


Bondage for Cash 1 – a new HD Video product

A new download video program by Archives BBS in 1920 x 1080 HD MP4.

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Download a HD Preview of “Bondage for Cash

Reality shows are all the rage these days, and hot on the heels of the successful series “Dungeon Girls ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )” a new idea is entering the market: “Bondage for Cash”. This is episode #1.

Totally nude with wrists tied behind her back
Totally nude with wrists tied behind her back

It didn’t take a lot of casting to start the show. Girls were lined up out the door. The guaranteed payment is more than most girls could earn in a weekend. We chose the feisty, beautiful hardbody Laura as our first “contestant”. But is it really a contest? All the girl has to do is endure. But the question is, for how long?

You see, Laura was kind of talked into this by her boyfriend, Karl Binder. He’s kind of had a hard time making ends meet, and when he saw the show on the internet, he suggested it to her, and in a weak moment, she said she’d try out!

She dressed up in her Sunday best and went to the appointed place,

where the show would be shot. She was startled by Marshall, the “caretaker” as it were, and he seemed a little “handsy” and presumptuous, but after the on-screen interview she agreed to be placed into judicial restrains, that is, handcuffs, irons and a connector chain.

Female prisoner handcuffed and leg-ironed
Female prisoner handcuffed and leg-ironed

As soon as the chains went on, time slowed to a crawl. In the show, the contestants can enter the “confessional” where they are allowed to speak their mind.

Marshall then requires the prisoner to strip totally nude. Laura has a stunning body, and her wrists were tied tightly behind her back. Thus strictly bound, she has no facility to cover her lovely breasts

and impressive puss; she is displayed as a bound prisoner for all to see.

Karl had heard that she was to be transported in bondage to another location. She put on a cute white cotton dress, but it was cold and rainy outside so she was also allowed to put on a clear plastic raincoat. Since she was a prisoner, she was locked in handcuffs behind her back.

Well, she stood out there, with her wrists cuffed behind her back forever before Karl finally brought her in. She wanted out of her wet plastic raincoat and handcuffs, but there was no such accommodation from Karl on Bondage for Cash!

In her next position, the prisoner Laura is allowed to put on a super-sheer sexy black top and as are all prisoners on Bondage for Cash, she is required to wear high heels.

Marshall has a little bit of bad news for her. She is to spend 24 hours in bondage on the show! In addition, she is to be gagged for at least 1 hour, and is to be give 10 swats. This is part of the game; the prisoner does not know the duration of the bondage (which is no more than 24 hours), how long they will be gagged and if they must endure corporal punishment.

This however, pales in comparison to the news that Karl is visiting and he is requesting that his girlfriend is to be dressed as a bondage bride, with her wrists tied behind her back.

Bondage for Cash participant in full transports plus neck chain
Bondage for Cash participant in full transports plus neck chain

Karl arrives and pops the question! Now, was that the best timing, when his girlfriend is enduring the Bondage for Cash reality taping, and is dressed bound in a bridal gown? If her wrists weren’t tied behind her back, she would have slapped him! Especially when he told her he was picking up a former girlfriend from the airport. It was pretty clear that Karl didn’t need to worry about Laura interrupting their fun that night!

What a great place to park a chick for the night so you could see an old girlfriend for “catching up”!

Profoundly humiliated at being tricked by her boyfriend who had gotten her locked up, she was glad to change into a breezy nylon vintage 1950’s carhop outfit! Marshall said that it was late, and maybe they could get some sleep.

She thought it was a great idea if she could lose a couple of hours in slumber. She was locked up in her judicial restraints and collared, but then, another humiliation! She was chained to the leg of the couch by a padlock fastened to her collar. When she was required to walk the length of her chain (1 or 2 steps), she nodded and said “point taken!”

Marshall and his prisoner sat on the couch, and slowly began to drift

Following instructions, this female prisoner puts hands behind head
Following instructions, this female prisoner puts hands behind head

to sleep. Despite her awkward chains, the prisoner Laura caught some much needed shut-eye.

Don’t miss the ultra-fun bondage video with a high-spirited young beauty in a tight bondage situation. And, watch for more of this Bondage for Cash series to come!


Here is the detailed footage log:
0:00 Start
5:32 Interview
24:34 Soliloquy #1
28:58 Change to nude
38:16 Coffee Anyone?
43:25 Soliloquy #2
45:50 Cuffed outside for Transport
51:41 Soliloquy #3
56:30 Change to “Barely There” wear
59:39 A Stiffer Sentence is Imposed
The file break occurs at almost exactly 1 hour
1:12:00 An Array of Gags
1:25:59 Change to Bridal Gown
1:32:46 Karl Visits and Pops the ?!
1:39:46 Soliloquy #4
1:55:53 Bondage Enforced Rest
2:03:00 The End



Olivia in Cruel Bondage Plus Slave in Bridal Bondage Randy Moore

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From the new video, here are 10 large-form images of Olivia in “5/4/2015 – Olivia in Cruel Bondage“.  It’s kind of an epic – it’s over 2 hours, and it had to presented in two parts for reasonable download size.

Let's face it, Olivia's tied up, wrists bound behind her back
Let’s face it, Olivia’s tied up, wrists bound behind her back









I had to make it a little edgy, and treated Olivia in a pretty terse style, like you would treat a captive prisoner. She was kept very tightly tied up and wearing some really sexy outfits.

Also for today, we have clip #4 for Randy Moore as a haughty young woman who, in a bad moment, signed herself over as a slave.  In this clip, Randy Moore is wearing her sexy clubbing clothes and is handcuffed, leg ironed, collared and leashed.  She refuses to acknowledge the slave contract which she signed and dated and struggles in her bondage as the slaver, Marshall makes arrangements for her to be transferred to a more secure facility.

Randy is a fighter and she won’t go into slavery willingly!

Randy Moore in Handcuffs, Olivia in cruel bondage
Randy Moore in Handcuffs, Olivia in cruel bondage









I hope everyone has a great week! And, in case you are wondering, I’m going in to watch the Superbowl!

Happy February!