Sexy New Video: Bondage for Cash 2 with Vika!

We are pleased to announce a new video – over 2 hours of sexy bondage content with Vika as she takes the Bondage for Cash Challenge!

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The product offered here is a story-line bondage program in 1920 x 1080 resolution, produced and directed by Felix Dartmouth with the approximate length of 2 hours, 14 minutes, in a total of 3 files, downloadable after your order.  “Bondage for Cash 2” is for adults only.

Locked-up in a power blouse, she sees her ball-gag at the ready!
Locked-up in a power blouse, she sees her ball-gag at the ready! There it is: her ball-gag. She knew it was easier for him if she was just gagged.

The concept is simple:  Offer a woman money, exposure and you will have participants lined up at your door, even if they must spend time locked up as a real prisoner.

In this second episode of “Cash of Bondage”, after considering several hundred beautiful and talented women, we chose the cream of the crop;  a tall, well-spoken, well proportioned and distinguished beauty named Vika!

The rules of “Bondage for Cash” game are simple.  The contestant, or prisoner, agrees to give up her freedom for a stated sum of money for a set period of time.  A negotiating session takes place where Marshal, the “Bondage for Cash” moderator, bargains to have the prisoner in bondage for as long and in the most restrictive and unpleasant conditions as possible, and the female prisoner bargains for as short and time, and in the best conditions possible.  Once agreement is reached, the woman is locked up for the set period of time, and she may not be released.  She is paid her cash at the end of her bondage ordeal.

It seems apparent that Vika realizes that she will be a captive when she steps into the secured garage on the way up to the Cash for Bondage studio.  She hope to get the upper hand by wearing a power

Vika in a nude, cross-ankled hogtie
Vika in a nude, cross-ankle hogtie. She quickly figured out that when a girls’ ankles are tied like this, she can’t close her knees. That was part of the humiliation: she was almost wide open. And there was that hated ball-gag!

blouse, of fine blue polyester and a black leather calf-length skirt with high heels.

Marshall, however, who as interviewed countless beauties eager to be on the Cash for Bondage show, is neither impressed nor intimidated by her emasculating outfit, in fact, he opens his bargaining with a 8-hour offer with plenty of gag-time, and introduces a game of change into the proceedings:  The prisoner must draw from folded slips of paper and accept either the punishment, or the benefit that is described therein.  Here are some of the options:

Game of Chance – draw for one of the following:

10 Minutes Corner Time
30 days in Bondage Prison
Instant Freedom
1 hour nude hogtie

Vika chained and ball-gagged in Bondage for Cash 2
Vika chained and ball-gagged in Bondage for Cash 2 – laced into her crushingly tight corset, she endures her 1 hour in a ball-gag, hindered by standard transport restraints

10 minutes Plastic Bag
1 free phone call – 2 min.
5 minutes forced marching
$50 Bonus!
30 Min Freedom from Gag
Instant Nudity!
Chained by throat

So, Vika could draw, and the choices ranged widely from a cash dollar bonus, instant freedom, to mildly uncomfortable bondage, to a 30 day stay in the Archives BBS prison!

Vika was a hard bargainer but when she saw her Cash offer slipping away, she caved and offered an addition set of corporal punishment and also accepted the entrance of the 30 days in prison into her Game of Chance.

Well, I think I’ve said enough at this point – watch as Vika is put through her paces, always in secure bondage, both in cute outfits

Vika has a Hobson's choice of gags!
Vika has a Hobson’s choice of gags! As always, she’s locked in handcuffs – but she has the choice of effective gags: 1. The tightly packed wadding with thick tape – 2. The black leather penis gag – 3. The standard locking ball-gag, and finally, 4 – the strappy locking head-harness ball-gag. If you were Vika, which gag would you choose?

and nude, most of the time in garter and stockings.  This girl is locked, and it’s only a matter of dollars as to how much bondage she will accept!

Timeline Detail:

0:00 Start
0:36 Vika in a secure facility garage
outfit: strict chastity mistress blouse,
leather skirt, high heels, hair in bun
3:11 Negotiations for Cash for Bondage
11:30 Vika begins her time as prisoner
12:50 Vika is handcuffed
20:33 Drawing

20:47 Pronouncement: Gagged in Vika’s choice of gags
21:38 Vika changes into topless, garter/stockings
24:20 Locked in transports: soliloquy
28:07 Gagged in Vika’s choice of gags – full transports
outfit: girly cap-puff sleeves corset outfit
31:28 Struggling in her ball-gag
39:53 Drawing
42:02 Topless, puss showing, tightly tied at elbows, throat and wrists
53:00 Drawing in painful rope bondage
53:45 Three-inch locking collar over throat bondage
58:00 Relaxation Period
outfit: Opera-length leather gloves – locked in handcuffs
1:04:30 Drawing
1:07:11 Nude Hogtie – legs crossed, puss exposed

Vika learns the way women prisoners are really tied
Vika learns the way women prisoners are really tied. First is the throat half-hitch, and then the elbows, and finally the wrists. This is uncomfortable, almost painful, highly restrictive! She quickly become hot and sweaty as she seeks to relieve the pressure on her throat, but the burning in her belly and puss can’t be quenched!

1:16:50 Add ball-gag to nude hogtie
1:23:25 Released from nude hogtie
1:25:06 Topless, garter stocking, puss showing, gets phone call
1:27:29 Drawing – lace blouse and handcuffs
1:30:13 Corner-time punishment
1:37:50 Preparation for boyfriend – plastic headbag
(no kissing, amorous contact allowed for prisoners)
1:45:08 Stood up by boyfriend – final negotiations
1:54:00 Additional Footage (don’t miss this!)
2:07:44 Preview of other HD Archives BBS videos
2:14:24 End – thanks for watching!
Note the file break will occur at approximagely 1:03:50

We at Archives BBS hope you enjoy this video production