Laura, Angelisa, tied behind her back, Haven

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Sometimes when looking through older images, I get a bit of a surprise.  I did a shooting of a young lady, a captive female, in fact, name Angelisa.  I thought the shooting went OK, but we were limited in time, and there was no associated story-line video.  I did a few clips and put them on the end of the Haven’s Self-Bondage Adventure video.  She had the attitude of a true captive and a wonderful figure.  This is an image I took with the might Leica M6 TTL and the video from the end of Self-Bondage adventure is from the same costuming setup.  The prisoner is wearing heels, leather slacks, and is topless but for a clear plastic raincoat.  Her wrists are tied behind her back.

Tied up captive female Angelisa in plastic
Tied up captive female Angelisa in plastic









My understanding was that she was to be transported to Israel.

Bondage for Cash 1 - Laura a captive woman - Haven tied up
Bondage for Cash 1 – Laura a captive woman – Haven tied up









The first of what I hope are many “Bondage for Cash” story-line videos, specifically, Bondage for Cash 1, involves a figure model Laura.  She is a feisty young lady, not at all used to being held in bondage, but the provisions of the Cash for Bondage game are that she is to be constrained as the marshal sees fit.  Much of her bondage is fully nude, with the exception of very high heels of course.

Despite her inexperience with bondage, once she was bound, she did very well, as is the nature of real women in this situation!

I hope you enjoyed today’s update!


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