Sentenced woman is shackled for prison!

Sentenced woman is shackled for prison!

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With her heart in her throat, she stood next to her attorney  at the defendant’s table.  The jury had just filed into the courtroom, and none of them were meeting her in the eye.

Her attorney, a beautiful recent law school graduate was dressed to the nines.  She wore a peach silk blouse, a tight black pencil skirt down to her knees, panty-hose and high heels with thin straps around her ankles.

She has advised Kylie K. to wear a deep blue nylon blouse, pantyhose, high heels, and a tight black skirt.  Following her attorney’s advise, she has carefully curled her hair, and has applied tasteful makeup.

The Prisoner 3 - Kylie K in handcuffed and shackled for prison
The Prisoner 3 – Kylie K in handcuffed and shackled for prison









She was confident of acquittal, and recommended a jury trial, rejecting a deal which would have given Kylie K., the defendant, 1 years probation and a $1,000 fine.

They handed a slip of paper to the judge.  The judge says, “Will the defendant please stand?”  Kylie K. and her attorney both stand, and the burly deputy moves from the side of the courtroom behind the two young women.

The judge intones, “Kylie K., the jury finds you guilty!  I will impose your sentence immediately”.  Kylie K. turned to her attorney, who met her with open arms, hugging her, her soft blouse caressing her cheek, and her warm lips kissing her, finding her lips, whispering, “I’m sorry, I thought we had a great case!”

The clinking of steel and the firm grip of the deputy grasped her and wrenched her wrists behind her back.  As her arms were pulled back and locked in shackles, the attorney held her clients face between her hands.

“The sentence imposed by the state is 3 years in the Female Incarceration Unit in Amarillo, Texas.  You will be transported by private courier to your place of imprisonment.”

As Kylie K. was dragged to the front of the courtroom, where the prisoners were taken to wait transport, her attorney prepared the papers for her next case.

See Kylie K. as she is transported in “The Prisoner 3“.

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