Topless in crotch-rope – Tiffany jailed topless final

Topless in crotch-rope – Tiffany jailed topless final

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A lot of us know the apprehension that can exist, especially with a woman who has never been bound by an experienced man.  After her wrists are tied behind her back, she feels the way her shoulders are drawn back, and her breasts and thrust forward.

Then the man takes a rope and ties it around her waist, with the ends of the rope falling in front towards her knees.  What is the purpose of this rope, she thinks?

Josephine in Lockdown Bondage - crotch-roped!
Josephine in Lockdown Bondage – crotch-roped!









She soon get her answer, when in a quick movement, he reaches behind her, between her thighs, and pulls the rope firmly.  The dangling cord has now become a crotch-rope.  The woman can only react in shock and dismay at the boldness!  Her very womanliness has been bound, emphasized and put on display!

There’s more in today’s update – the final 4 files of the MSP “Tiffany Topless” series have been uploaded, and also there is a rare file of Michelle, struggling with her wrists tied behind her back wearing a filmy nylon blouse.

I hope you have enjoyed this update!



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