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Technical note about member logins on www.archbbsdl.com

Hi, all!

For a period of time, there was a problem with logging in to Archives BBS Member site.  When the authenticated user pressed “FileFinder” it would request a further authentication.

If the user selected “Remember my PW” the system would display the first 30 thumbnails after 1 or 2 authentication tries.

However, if the user specified NOT to remember the password, access to Archives BBS Member site was prevented by the multiple authentication challenges.

This was a significant problem because I realize that not everyone wants the browser to “remember their password” because of issues with shared computers, etc.

I’m pleased to say that I believe that this problem has been fixed.  I have tested this with Chrome, Firefox and Edge and the authentication process appears to work properly.

I would very much appreciate your noting your experience in access to Archives BBS the comments below.

Thank you for your patience, and I hope to get some of you back as subscribers who were affected by this problem.

To subscribe for access to Archives BBS Member site, please click here.


Archives BBS Year in Review – 2016

Greetings and Merry Christmas

I wish I could thank each and every one of you SUBSCRIBERS who support Archives BBS.  I wrote a piece on the public site:

Archives BBS 2016 Year in Review

It contains an overview of the 2016 models and videos.  Stay tuned for great things to come in 2017!



Archives BBS Member Site is operating on a new server.

Randy Moore stars in "Slaves in Bridal Bondage"
Randy Moore applauds the change!

I’m very pleased to announce that Archives BBS Member site is in operation on a new server.  This change opens up a lot of opportunity in terms of features, flexibility with a wider community of support.

I hope you enjoy the re-designed FileFinder.  Rather than searching from an index page, as was the case before, here you initiate searches from the “Results” page.  In addition, to view the full-size image, you click the image itself.  There is a link to either the folder that this image is contained in, but also a link to the Model is featured in the image.

We will be exploring other innovative ways of viewing content as the flexible and powerful web editing program keeps subscribers informed and entertained about doings on the site.

So, please enjoy, and thanks for being a Subscriber to Archives BBS Member Site!

Public site:

Archives BBS

Member site:

Archives BBS Member Site