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Stocked up at Texas Renfair – captured and sold

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A Fall ritual that is becoming more and more popular is the Renaissance Fair.  I had the good luck to attend one in 1979 when these fairs were just getting started, and I took my trusty Mamiya Sekor 500 DTL with my Vivitar Zoom, loaded up with Tri-X film.

It seemed that a center of activity was the stocks, where young women, mostly very pretty, would be seized, sentenced, put into the stocks, and often auctioned off.

In the particular case of the cute brunette below, her kisses were auctioned off to free her:

Bids are taken as this prisoner is auctioned off
Bids are taken as this prisoner is auctioned off at the Texas Renaissance Fair. This woman had committed some infraction against the King. She was captured, physically dragged to the stocks, and bids were taken for her person.








I hope you enjoy these 1979 images – hand-developed by me in my old darkroom lab!  There are about 22 such images that I have re-processed for release available to subscribers.

I thought I would present another really good example of Renfair bondage.  The below graceful young woman was arrested, wrists tied behind her back, and lead by collar and leash to where she was captured and sold at the Fotoviken Viking Market in 2010.

She is a beautiful young peasant girl, the exact type who is perfect for kidnapping and sale.  She is obviously an employee of the Fair and re-enacted this bondage march many times.

I suspect we all have experiences like this at such fairs.  Perhaps we have indeed prompted our own wives or girlfriends to captured, tied up and sold to the public in this safe fantasy environment.

Maybe you could relate these below?