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Female Slaves at Auction – Lot 782 & 830

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Today’s post involves both female prisoners who have been set for auction.  The video clip for today shows Megan, wearing a lovely bridal gown, being locked in her handcuffs, from the video “Female Slave – Lot 782“.  An image from this scene follows.  Click for a full-size version of the image.

Handcuffed Bride in Slavery
Handcuffed Bride in Slavery









As this top part of FileFinder shows, also included are images of Mary. She has been freshly taken into imprisonment for her sale as a female slave.  Of course, she has been locked in handcuffs, behind her back, and she is wearing the standard Archives BBS Slut outfit.  Megan is seen in her female slave auction preparations in “Female Slave – Lot 830.

Female Slaves - Mary and Megan posted for sale
Female Slaves – Mary and Megan posted for sale









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Randy Moore – a Slave in Bridal Bondage – Model Profile

In our continuing series of model profiles, we would like to introduce Randy Moore, the star of Slave in Bridal Bondage to our members.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that Randy Moore is a prolific and in-demand model, not only for bondage, but also for fetish glamour.  She has done some really outstanding work with Jim Weathers and is costumed in the absolutely most elaborate fetish attire!

She is one of the most professional models that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  When she came to shoot in Houston, things really didn’t work out as planned (which is not unusual), but she made the best of an unexpected situation and it was a real success for Archives BBS!  In keeping with the strict standards of model behavior, Randy was kept restrained (often gagged) at all times, including during breaks and costume changes as far as was practical.

I have included just 12 images below as a sample, but there are over 175 images of Randy Moore in bondage in the archive (and many more unpublished), and we will be uploading the entire contents of Slave in Bridal Bondage for the members over the coming weeks as generous 1920 x 1080 HD bondage clips, included in the modest subscription price.

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We hope you enjoy these entertaining model profiles, and will continue to make Archives BBS your source for lovely images of women in the strictest bondage!