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Chesty in Bondage Payback

Chesty in Bondage Payback

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New Subscribers series – the complete “Bondage Payback” is beginning today.

“Payback’s a bitch!”  If we have watched any movies, particularly American gangster or crime movies, a lot of us have become familiar with that saying.

If, therefore, “Payback’s a bitch”, then “Bondage Payback” is REALLY a bitch.  But that’s exactly what Chesty was going through right now.  It seems her careless actions have caused her sister to be jailed.  Now, calling the shots from her prison cell, her sister asks her boyfriend to make sure that Chesty is locked down for a full day just to get some kind of hint as to what true restriction means.

Chesty hogtied in Bondage Payback
Chesty hogtied in Bondage Payback







When Chesty answers the door in her sheer blouse and tight jeans, and sees the restraints that are arrayed for her day in captivity, she purrs, “from what I can tell, I’m going to be REALLY yours”!

Chesty endures being tethered by the throat while locked in transport restraints, being tied to a chair in lingerie blindfolded, refreshes here makeup in handcuffs, while wearing a plastic rain poncho wears a prison dress while fully handcuffed in transport restraints as she makes her one phone call.

The question is; will Chesty be forgiven by her jailed sister, or will she compound her animosity by seducing her boyfriend who is meting out the punishment?

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