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Vika female slave inspection – initial superficial plus Jelly Jacket

Vika female slave inspection – initial superficial

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Vika female slave initial superficial inspection!

All women that are sold as female slave must undergo an initial, if somewhat superficial inspection.  The inspection is to determine:

  • That the slave posted for sale is indeed female
  • The slave has no gaudy tattoos (general slut tramp-stamps are acceptable, but may reduce the sale price by hundreds of thousands).
  • The slave has female genitalia
  • The slave has breasts
  • The slave has no scars that detract from her beauty

It’s always a bit of a heart-in-the-throat moment for the slave when she undergoes her required inspection, because the outcome can make the difference between a $800,000 bid and a bid that just covers her student loan debt.  Or, even worse, the girl’s debt will NOT be covered, and she will be rejected from the program permanently and have to live under the crushing burden of her debt.

Vika was confident that she would do well in the inspection, having beautiful skin, no tattoos, lovely breasts, along with lovely breasts and fully intact female genitalia:

Vika slave inspection - superficial in handcuffs
Vika female slave inspection – superficial in handcuffs – Vika is subjected to an initial superficial inspection to assure that she is free of gaudy tattoos, scars, and that her female genitalia are authentic, and intact.











She was glad that she had resisted the ever-present American tramp-stamp that marked so many girls during the period during which she was a teenager.

Having passed this preliminary inspection with flying colors, Vika moved to the auction block to hear her bids!  Find out more by purchasing Female Slave – Lot 2024 with Vika!

Whitney sweats it out strapped in a jelly jacket!

Also in this update, we have the actual video of a rare catch:  A woman in a 1980’s jelly jacket, strapped in leather bindings.  For this shooting, I was waiting for this cute model as she came home from work, and she was wearing this sexy clear plastic raincoat over her polyester secretary’s clothes.

Whitney strapped in leather wearing her clear plastic jelly jacket
Whitney strapped in leather wearing her clear plastic jelly jacket – rare image from very early 1980. Notice the tight pony-tail shiny with hair-spray and curlers. This rare photo of a secretary in pre-liberation times symbolized the plight of women in that era.











Bondage modeling has come a long way since this young lady was sweating it out in her plastics and leather bindings!

I hope you enjoyed this update!