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Diana in roped in bondage, Completely Booked – Wenona

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Proud young women balk and are resentful at having their person seized, having evidence bags placed around their hands to their elbows and then tied behind their backs.

The talented beauty, Diana is one such woman.

Diana in an evening gown, wrists and hands bagged, tied behind her back
Diana in an evening gown, wrists and hands bagged, tied behind her back. This happens when young women are seized at a social function. To test for cocaine, GSR, and other illicit substances, the attractive women and round up, their hands bagged for evidence, and they are jailed until they can be proven innocent of wrongdoing.












But to maintain moral order, social gatherings must be closely monitored.  The females must be examined for residue of illicit substances and blood-tested for having ever used drugs such as marijuana and alcohol.

She knows that she will take her place with the other captive women  roped in bondage on the slave coffle and marched on the “mile of shame” to the waiting prison van until the slow winding legal proceedings will decide her guilt or lack of guilt.  As she twists her wrists against their ropes in the sweaty bags, she knows that the crime lab will find the cocaine residue on her fingers, and that she will soon be secured in her goal cell.

Also, when a man finds himself in a hotel room alone with a woman, it is incumbent on him to assure that she is very tightly secured, roped in bondage and undressed.  Most women are very comfortable with this, as they know that their honor will be respected.  Witness Wenona and Kendra James in Completely Booked – Despite her desire to take his manhood down her throat, she is tightly tied and ball-gagged and is therefore secure in the knowledge that she is in good hands!

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