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Gwen in Evening Gown bondage, Josephine and Randy Moore

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Gwen shackled in evening gown bondage
Gwen shackled in evening gown bondage – wearing her opera gloves, the night turned from a lovely dinner and dancing to a strict bondage and discipline event. Gwen was ordered into bondage and bound with tight ropes around her elbows and wrists, with another rope above and below her breasts, pinning her arms to her sides. She was further hampered with police leg-irons.













Gwen’s mother suggested that when she went to the formal affair, that her gown might have been just a touch too provocative.  She was wise in that Gwen found herself tightly trussed in rope at the after-party!  This is from the now-obsolete Archives BBS Video 01, which was produced in 1997,

We have two videos today – one is Randy Moore undergoing headbag punishment for her recalcitrant behavior in stealing a key in Slave in Bridal Bondage and the other is the second clip in the rehearsal for an unfinished video with Josephine.  She is locked in police shackles and then order to strip down to her pink panties and her wrists are tied behind her back.  This video is only available to Archives BBS Member Site subscribers.

Gwen in Evening Gown Bondage, Randy Moore headbagged, Olivia
Gwen in Evening Gown Bondage, Randy Moore headbagged, Olivia









Look for other updates this weekend, plus since the archw10 has been “filled up” with 500 files, we are rolling over to a new folder, archw11. I am also planning to bring some of the older “bg” and “br” series folders back this weekend.

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